Capitec Bankunauthorised online purchases

I have been purchasing goods online for over 7 years and sadly to say it is the first time that I have experienced unauthorised purchases made from my account. I never had a problem at my previous bank.

So I had to get a new bank card and the matter is now being investigated by capitec. I also made complaint to the company that I recently purchased goods from online and they too are investigating the matter.

My question however is how is capitec making online shopping safer for it's clients?

I found out at the bank yesterday that I should not make any online purchases if 'they' do not ask for my secure code. This was news to me as I did not know anything about this and was never prompted for my secure code in previous years whilst online shopping.

I sincerely hope capitec can settle this matter as soon as possible and that it takes more effective steps to improving their security for online payments.

Jan 10, 2017

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