Capitec Bank / incompetent service

hluhluwe, South Africa

on the 15/09/2017 my helper went to deposit money into my account, my name is Nompumelelo Mthimkhulu, every month on the 15 my helper deposits money instructed by my mother on this particular day she was assisted by Mzamo one of the consultants.

She had a paper with all banking details instructing the consultant to deposit the money into my secondary account, but because of lack of concentration and incompetence the consultant deposited the money into my saving, resulting in all my mothers money going.

What upsets me is the fact that i called capitec bank and spoke to their assistant branch manager and advised him of this my helper than went bank to identify the consultant, instead of them questioning the consultant in front of my helper she was instructed to leave they would resolve this.

Later i received a call and they informed me the consultant is denying allegations stating he was not advised which account the money must be deposited into. I am more furious at the fact should it have been a well educated person coming into the branch would they have chased them away, or was it because i had made them aware it was my helper.

If this was my helpers mistake why was it happening on this day when every month she makes deposits in the same account, or is it the lack of training and listening skills from the consultant.

I am more disgusted at the fact that my helper did not even receive an apology, instead she was made to feel like she was wrong.

Sep 18, 2017

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