Capitec Bank / im complaining about loan I took with you

I'm Thobile Mabaso ID [protected].Cell No.[protected]
I took a loan at Capitec in November 2015(36 months repayment loan), after paying for 5 months I was retrenched. Knowing that I will have a problem paying my loan I went to Capitec branch to inform them about my retrenchment. Since I didn't have any benefits like provident funds in that company (I only had UIF).they asked me to submit retrenchment letter & supporting documents. I submitted. But to my surprise they didn't inform me about progress of my submission instead I received endless calls from your Agents demanding payments which I honestly didn't have. At the end they told me at least to make an payment arrangements, which I did because I was tired of stress that I was receiving from Capitec while other facilities that I owed managed to settle my 2017/04/01 I got a temporal job.Capitec started debiting full monthly payments which was higher than what we agreed upon before but I assumed that they are covering for that time when I was paying with arrangements. Fast forward my last instalment was suppose to be in October which I did my surprise now I'm again receiving stressful calls from your Agents demanding balance... So this time I'm not willing to dance for Capitec guitar. I'm not acknowledging that I'm still owing you but instead I feel that Capitec treated me unfair because you can't tell me that long term loan doesn't have retrenchment/death cover. Secondly as a consumer I have a right to be informed about my retrenchment submission & increase on my payments... So I sent an email to your customer care line, they sent me reference for my complain & told me that they will contact me but instead I'm receiving annoying calls from your Agents demanding balance.

If you are failing to address this matter I'm much willing to take it to Ombudsman because I'm not going to pay this balance you are busy telling me about.

Jan 04, 2019

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