Capitec Bank / I sent money to an incorrect number.

Cape town, khayelitsha, South Africa

Good day

On 26may 2017, I sent money to an incorrect number. Capitac refused to reverse back the transaction only because they could not get hold of the person via the number the person provide them with, the person does not even use the account anymore. My r1000 that I have worked for very hard is still there on that persons account. Capitica is sending me to police station to open a case of fraud against a person who did not do any thing wrong. What I don't understand, what will make me get my money back from them because I don't have time to go court's n police stations for something they can do. Can anybody help me with situation. I'm tired of going to capitec bank branches they are so not helping to my case. What they good at is to send me around the world. Because at first they told me to go and open a case in small court claims. The court send me back to them n sad there is nothing they can do for me. I can't open a case against someone I don't have information for help, help, help please somebody.

Jun 20, 2017

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