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Good day Sir/Madam

Once again I am having the same endless and service less run around of your Forex departments inability to deliver my funds from my UK Lloyds Bank into my Capitec account after a week of waiting.

It never fails to amaze me that a bank that has won as many awards as you have fails to live up to expectations when it come to your Forex department. Why is this?

I honestly don't think you actually give a dam to be honest about your clients welfare at all. If you did, the same old problem wouldn't be raising its slovenly head time and time again. If something is broken, fix it !

Last excuse I got from from a gentleman called Justin Isaacs as per below.

If you know your going to be busy this time of the year employ more staff. Simple. Customer comes first, or does he ?

So this was his excuse and rota patter below. In other words, the inconvenience afforded me just keeps going around in square circles, time and time again. Client keep waiting and waiting.

I pay you a ‘service fee' (and I do use the tem service loosely) As it may be a fee but there is hardly any service worth speaking of attached to that fee at all !!!

Firstly I have to pay FNB to clear on your behalf then I have to pay Capitec to clear as well. (Yea, what's with this double whammy clearance fee anyway ? Capitec not big enough to clear its own clients fees ? Surely !)

Two fees and still a pretty dismal service in spite of this amazingly fast electronic age we live in. Disgusting hey?

Being just a regular unimportant bottom feeder type client. Not worth millions, I guess its to be expected.

Still, sad that a bank such as Capitec has started to show signs of ‘wear & tear' in its ability and desire to please and deliver the goods on time to the supposedly important customer.

No doubt the same old excuses that are spewed verbatim will be the boring, ‘we are very busy, ‘that time of year' as below. "bring it to our attention"

Did it make a difference ? Well, answer is obviously not, or I wouldn't be writing this email, would I ? Talk about falling on deaf ears and water off the ducks back it truly is !

So, dear Sir/Madam, what in you humble opinion do you as a potential service provider, think you should do to make this situation fall in favour for the all supposedly important customer.

As this is my second letter of complaint in a year and as you can see . And NOTHING has been accomplished ZERO, NADA….Same old Same O'

Same old blurb same old ‘pie crust' promises that just keep on crumbling day after day. One thing that you should keep in mind that has never ever been affected by inflation and that's talk.

Its still cheap as dirt.

Its your actions that impress along with a humble, gracious attitude that go's the extra mile to service and please the customer.

Maybe winning all those banking awards has made you fat and complacent in your pride and arrogance to truly ‘serve the people' that you did in the first place ? Maybe, huh ?

Just remember the ‘guy down the road' is peddling twice as fast and is twice as hungry to provide more, better service than you.

Just a though.

Kind Regards,

Clive Baggaley

(Good day Mr Baggaley

Thank you for your email.

I would like to apologise for the incorrect expectation that was created and for your negative service experience. I would like to assure you that Capitec Bank strives to deliver excellent service to our clients, and that it is constantly being impressed upon our staff to promote and protect the interests of our clients. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Kindly be advised we are aware our Forex department had an influx of calls over the festive period and they are attempting to assist as many client as possible, however, we will take the necessary remedial actions to address the service that was rendered to you. I've noted the query has been resolved and funds released.

Please once again accept my sincere apology for your poor experience and for the effort that it took to resolve the matter.

Kind regards

Justin Isaacs
Agent: Service Admin
BSC: Service Administration

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PO Box 12451, Die Boord, Stellenbosch 7613

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Thank you for considering Capitec Bank for foreign exchange services. An administrator will respond to your enquiry within 2 working days.

Visit our website for detailed information about our foreign exchange services.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 08H00 - 17H00 (excluding public holidays)

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Dec 18, 2018

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