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My capitec Loan amount payable p/mth is R4200. Long before month end or before salary date capitec will deduct whatever is left in my account 😠 i complained about this millions of times and still this unrealistic unfair ripoff money making crap of a loan goes off!!! I will never ever take out a loan from capitec again. Why can other banks schedule all debit orders but capitec can not schedule their own loan like normal and just wait for the costumer to atleast receive their salary first before grabbing the installment. I'm fed up!

Jun 24, 2018
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  • Si
      Jun 26, 2018

    I feel the same way, this happened to me two days ago and this is not the first time. Previously I asked them what was the agreed date and why are they taking money money before the agreed date. One thing they forgetting is that this is messing up my credit score and it seems like they don't even care. I just cant wait to get another bank that will remove my loan from Capitec, I just cannot deal with this anymore. I am sooooo over this capitec bank

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