Capitec Bankatm and services delivery

Date: 2018-07-30
Account number : [protected]
Complainant - Jonathan Solomons - [protected] - Depositor

I am totally and utterly disgusted in the Adderley Street Capitec Branch - Every month end it seems they have a problem with deposing money at the ATM and forces there clients to go stand in along line with in the bank. As far a my knowledge is this is more bank charges by depositing money with in a branch instead of a ATM - this money extortion as the ATM is down every month end and forces the clients to go stand in a long line in side.

What made me more furious, they had a agent standing at the ATM not even know the deposit section is not working after 20 minutes in the line I had to discover at the ATM is not working but yet you have a consultant standing outside wasting everyone's time and money.

I thing the lack in leadership in that branch need some serious attention as the client service is at 10 % and face and appearance of consultants is just sloppy which brings be to another point.

You seriously need to address the value of clients at that branch as well as look at the service your give to the clients.
Also you agents needs to act more provisional to me this does look like a bank but more like where ppl make loans and appear sloppy.

Jul 30, 2018

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