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[Resolved] Capital Resorts / Timeshare

1 222 Whistling Wind WayPigeon Forge, TN, United States Review updated:
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I posted this information on a Google review of Capital Resorts and thought I would post it here as well in hopes that someone will see it within their time limit to cancel their timeshare.

This is regarding timeshare through Capital Resorts in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

My wife and I have been with Capital Resorts in Pigeon Forge since late 2014 and VERY disappointed with everything. At first we thought we made a good decision. After about a month (which was then too late to cancel) we found out that a lot of what we were told was very deceitful and just not accurate.

For example: We can NEVER get into the resort even trying to book months in advance. For the last 2 months we have been trying to book reservations at Pigeon Forge and Myrtle Beach and we can't find anything available.

Two times now we had to stay at Eagles Ridge since they couldn't put us in the resort that we're paying for. No water park yet at the resort.. was told it would be done by now. Was told SO many things that are not true regarding bookings, getaways, and point value during out timeshare meeting.

We were told that there would be no issues getting reservations for whenever we wanted them even on short notice. We were also told that since the price per point constantly goes up, it would be more valuable in the future and it's not. We were told AFTER we asked that we could specify the kind of room we wanted. We just tried today to use our points to book a vacation at Myrtle Beach at SeaSide Resort in an ocean front room and was told by the rep that they cannot book specific room types because the rooms are not at all assigned until 3 days before your arrival date so they would not even attempt to book our room as oceanfront. However, we checked through the same hotels website and anyone can book an ocean front hotel room.

We were told when we bought our timeshare that as owners we would get priority on booking reservations.. well we were not able to do that through the customer service department, but anyone can go to that resorts website and book it who's not part of Capital Resorts?!

It requires a lot more points to book at the resort than we were made to believe especially at busy times. We found it is cheaper to just pay and stay at a different resort there and get a huge cabin in Pigeon Forge that we know we can enjoy rather than pay the monthly and annual fee every year for the Capital Resorts timeshare.

Did they tell you that if you bank your points for the following year or changing reservation dates will cost you extra... I believe it was $39 each time!

We were told that we could use our points to rent for a week then sell that week to someone else to cover the cost of maintenance and just use the getaways as our trips which we couldn't understand why we would want to do that ?!

We were offered a discounted package to come back to Pigeon Forge and get updated information on our timeshare and to answer any questions we have. This is another way for them to get you alone and try to make you feel like you are the most special person (people) in the world and offer you a deal that is only good for one day and nobody else has ever got that deal. The whole thing is so FAKE that my wife and I actually laughed a little the last time when the lady brought us the paperwork. She acted so excited for us that you could tell it was a habit that occurs with every person she talks to in there.

Anyone reading this probably had a similar scenario: After going to a manager with your paperwork, they were able to give you an AMAZING deal that they can't believe you got. In fact, the deal is SOOO good, you will only be able to get it on that day! Yep.. that's what happened to us too.

Did they tell you that you can pass your timeshare on to your kids? Sure you can, but just remember that you are also passing on that annual fee to them too. Do you really want your kids to be responsible for paying $600 + every year for maintenance fees? Our maintenance fee jumped $60 from 2015 to 2016.. So if I do the math, in about 5 years I will be paying about $1, 000 a year just in maintenance fees!!

See what you have to look forward to if you keep your timeshare?

But there is good news for anyone who signed up for Time Share in Tennessee within the past few days.. you still have a way out!

Cancel Timeshare Contract in Tennessee
In Tennessee, a timeshare contract is voidable up until you receive the public offering statement. The contract can also be cancelled within:
10 days from the date you signed the contract, if you made an on-site inspection of the timeshare project prior to signing the contract, or
15 days after you sign the contract, if you did not make an on-site inspection of the timeshare project before you signed the contract (Tenn. Code Ann. Β§ [protected](a)).

The right to cancel cannot be waived (Tenn. Code Ann. Β§ [protected](c)).

To learn more, just Google your states name and how to cancel timeshare by state laws.

Seriously, if you just signed up.. get out now, you will regret it but then it will be too late.

We feel stuck on this timeshare and it's awful that we are spending so much money on it and yet can't even book a room that we have thousands on.

We would love to get out of this timeshare mess and feel like it never happened. We would even settle for Capital Resorts to keep everything we have paid until this point and just cancel our contract.

I will soon be making a YouTube video explaining all the details in this post. If you have experienced a similar situation with Capital Resorts and would like to make your complaint known as well regardless of what state you live in, please contact me at my email address below so we can get your information in the video.

Chris Derenberger

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Capital Resorts Group Customer Care's Response, Mar 03, 2017

    Thank you for reaching out to us concerning Capital Resorts, we appreciate your feedback as we are continuously trying to improve our services. We would like to address all of the issues raised as our goal at Capital Resorts is to provide an exceptional experience and product to all of our owners and guests. We do have several ways to reach us; phone, chat, and email:
    *phone is 844-777-2582
    *website for chat,
    *email is

Mar 21, 2016
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  • Ro
      14th of Nov, 2016
    +3 Votes

    Wish I had seen that before I signed up. I cancelled within 10 days and they still refuse a refund.

  • Te
      23rd of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Rob Berns This is against the law, they have to let you out of the contract if you meet the deadline for it to be rescinded. Contact the Tenn. State Attorney General about it.

  • Ja
      14th of Mar, 2017
    +3 Votes

    I will never do a time share with capital resorts again...they were very deceitful and every time we tried to book anything was never available. We were told several times when we tried to book somewhere, that the place was under construction or something. We have not been satisfied at all since got this mess...but they were always on time getting my money out of my account each month...😑😑😑😑 have called several times to make a complaint and know is never available or they are out on a tour...and could not speak with me...and when I finally get someone...alll she did was apologize several times and told me she would get back with me later that day and it's been two weeks and I have called back and now no one is available again...NEVER AGAIN...NEVER AGAIN😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Ca
      14th of Mar, 2017
    -1 Votes

    @Janetwilliamsc Janet,
    Capital Resorts Group appreciates your feedback as we are continuously trying to improve our services. We would like to address all of the issues raised as our goal at Capital Resorts is to provide an exceptional experience and product to all of our owners and guests. We do have several ways to reach us; phone, chat, and email:
    *phone is 844-777-2582
    *website for chat,
    *email is

  • Fr
      28th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    My husband and I booked a showing which was to take place in MS. We were told we would get a call confirming our showing which never happened. We live a couple hrs. away in LA so was not going to drive without having a conformation of the showing. I had given a $20 deposit which was refundable upon attending the showing. I called the number on the flyer/receipt which Rob gave me and wow to my surprise(NOT) I was told the resort does not employ Rob nor his supervisor Phil and are not responsible for showing verification calls. She will give my number to their manager Sean which was not in so she couldn't transfer my call or give me his number that Sean will call me in a day or two. Well we shall see and I will continue calling until I speak with Sean. It's only $20 but guess what I want my $20 back cause they broke the agreement no matter if it would of been $1 I want it back. Thank goodness we didn't get caught up in this company with a big commitment as some ppl I've seen. I'm sorry for that after seeing the reviews posted by some members hope you all get out with Stop correcting no lost or little lost.

  • Fr
      28th of Mar, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I'm sorry for that after seeing the reviews posted by some members hope you all get out with no lost or little lost.

  • Da
      13th of Jul, 2017
    +1 Votes

    We signed with capital resort in december 2013. The biggest mistake if our lives. We have tried for years to get booked with the pigeon forge lodge and have been told that there is no vacancy there. This is EVERY time. We always have to book with another lodge or hotel. And this is at least a year in advance.
    Then about a year ago capital resort stopped our bank draft out of the blue. By the time I figured this out we were nearly 3 months behind. I called them and was told it was a computer glitch. The next month nothing was taken out again. I called. They assured me that all was good. The next month we get a bill for 4 months payment behind with the threat of collection. I called and argued with them telling them that they were the ones who stopped taking the money out of our account, that it was not us. I was told that it was true and they didn't know why that happened but we needed to bring our account up to date. I refuse to pay for their mistake or stupidity. They have started the auto draft again but still threaten us with collections over this. And I still refuse to pay it.
    This has been the biggest mistake we have ever made. People stay away from capital resort.

  • Ja
      4th of Aug, 2017
    0 Votes

    @D Alverson Amen! Stay away from this Company.

  • Br
      22nd of Sep, 2017
    +1 Votes

    We agree entirely with Chris. We purchased our timeshare while in Branson, MO for a Branson offering during 2013, but at last minute the manager rushed to our meeting and declared she had the greatest opportunity for us. They had just received a Pigeon Forge opportunity that although the cost was the same, we would only need to pay the maintenance fee every other year rather than annually. Obviously the use was also for every other year but that did seem more useful for our needs. Shame on us for allowing such a "bait and switch". Regardless, just as in Chris' case, we have been unable to book any times at our purchased lodging. In fact, we are seldom able to get someone to answer the phones. In 2015 we began receiving notices that we would be assessed special fees because other buyers/owners in our association were not paying their normal fees. I then sought legal council as this did not seem proper. I was also reaching out without success seeking an explanation from Pigeon Forge personnel. As you can imagine, no one answers the phones and their answering machine does not accept messages. Please note if your contract indicates: "those assessed special fees are annually recurring contracts. If you are not an annual member, rather like us, your contract is for an odd or even year, don't get deceived. Get out and away from these lying and deceitful dealers.

  • Fr
      18th of Oct, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I bought a capital resorts vacation plan from a nearby fair. Then I canceled it by calling them within a week by hearing about their worst service. I called them more than 50 times to get my refund. However, I haven't got it yet. Can someone please suggest me what should I do?

    Also, please please NEVER EVER think to buy their service/plan!! They are worst than I thought.

  • Ke
      24th of Oct, 2017
    +1 Votes

    STAY AWAY FROM CAPITAL RESORTS they are liars, they offer you a deal that sounds too good to be true and it is only good for that day. After your purchase you will pay your maintainence fees faithfully and be lucky if you ever get to stay in a capital property. Talking to a real person on the phone to try get problems resolved is impossible, no one has the authority to make a decision to fix anything. They are too busy trying to fleece other innocent hardworking people out of their hard earned money to the point that they have oversold the resorts and it makes it nearly impossible for people to use their timeshare property.

  • Cr
      6th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    I am posting this because after a pleasant ownership of our Grand Crown Resort in Branson, operated by a family 1996 or so, we became owners of a timeshare operated by Capitol Resorts in about 2013. Not the family oriented to what we were experiencing. My wife died. Lost my traveling partner. Requested an "out" from Capitol Resorts. Didn't even discuss it with me. "Hired" a company to get me out. That company (Lonestar Transfer)sounded so, so loving and helpful. Ha Ha!! After paying $3495 to Lonestar Transfer In July 2017, I had to wait until December 2017 after which I was given a "great deal" by Capitol to relinquish my time share . BUT then to do so, I had to pay Capitol Resorts $450 for deed change, etc. and then another payment $1395 to cover 2018 maintenance fees. Prior years they were due in January of that year, but now they were expecting me to pay early if I wanted their cooperation to carry out the transfer. It's April, 2018 and I'm still waiting for the mail to deliver the closing statements. I was treated with courtesy by Marriott's in Breckenridge and Gold Point and Grand Timbre also in Breckenridge, CO.

  • Ci
      22nd of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    Do not purchase anything from this company. They are liars and continue to try to hotbox you to buy more points. The fees go up every year and the resorts are really not that great. You can get a very nice week long accommodation each year for what you pay for the fees! It’s terrible and many of the people that hound you are very rude when you tell them not to call you. Horrible business!

  • Rc
      6th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes


  • Ca
      19th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    Absolutely hate this timeshare!!! We want out. Just want them to take it back. They lied about so much including their names. Which we didn't catch until after cancelation time. Has anyone gotten them to take it back???

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