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Capital One / layed off and replaced by foreign guest worker

1 Richmond, VA, United States Review updated:

I am a Senior Technical Architect with two degrees in Computer Science. I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota and a Masters Degree in Software Engineering/Computer Science from Northwestern. I have worked as an Engineer, Programmer, Project Manager, Development Manager, and my last position was a Senior Technical Architect for Capital One. My position was eliminated and retitled about a year ago and given to an Indian H-1B visa worker from Bombay India. I had worked for my former company for 8 years providing them with quality results that were on time and on budget.

Capital One began a cost cutting program and eliminated 40% of it's technical workers. I was one of them. The company then hired 14 H-1B visa guest workers from India to fill in for the laid off full time American workers. They even had the balls to ask me if I would come in and train the H-1B visa workers on systems architecture and network design! I said I would just so I could go back into the company and tell my ex-boss and his boss to go and [censored] THEMSELVES!!

I let my ex-boss know that what they did was immoral, downright weasel like, and probably illegal. I also let them know that I regarded their short sighted grab for profits by selling out American employees to be the ultimate sign of corporate malfeasance and cowardice. I said it loud enough so the entire department could hear me, including the Chief Technical Officer down the hall. I walked out of my ex-boss's office and through the main area in the IT department towards the exit. To my ultimate surprise, the IT employees came out of their cubicles and applauded me! The H-1B visa techies sat at a conference table in the main IT area looking utterly horrified at what they had just witnessed. My ex-boss just stood near his office silent, red faced, and apoplectic. Before I left I told everyone to remember that employee performance reviews were coming around for the management teams and to remember the poor management shown thus far.

I have complaints filed with the DOJ, INS, State of Virginia, Henrico County, and am contemplating filing a civil lawsuit.

Here's some news for those scabs-I worked 70 Hours plus per week as an exempt employee. I busted my ### 6 days a week to implement technical solutions your H-1B consulting companies wouldn't touch because of the technical complexity and need for real hard core technical smarts gained from experience, not just pumped into your head in a technical cram for the job interview. I have worked with some super smart H-1B software engineers in the past, I have also worked with H-1B visa 'Technical Engineers' who couldn't figure out how to subnet a simple IP based network.

Now its difficult to get back into the IT Field as more and more if your name isn't indian sounding you simply will NOT get that all important second interview. It becomes obvious when your interviewers are all Indians that what they are looking for is the one skill I do not possess.. that being, I am not an Indian!

Obama should do something to put a STOP to this racism towards American workers on our OWN SOIL!!

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  • Ha
      6th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    thank you come again!

  • Jo
      23rd of May, 2009
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    that sucks, but obama would enjoy your story as a victory for himself, and a taste of what he hopes will be the future. and when all minority programs come to a end is the day Whites are the minority.Not too far away. very sad.

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