Capital One Financial Corporationpersonal credit card limit increase denial

So we were told that as long as we had a credit card with this company for 3 months and made on time payments, we would be immediately approved for a credit limit increase. We have had our credit cards longer than 3 months and ALWAYS pay our full balance off every month. We requested an increase since we were told that we would almost immediately be approved since we have proven to be good customers and pay off our card every cycle. However, they send us a denial? Why turn away and turn down your Great Customers? What kind of customer service is that? Not very good, I have to admit. I used to be a manager, and my customers always got treated fair, and the ones that paid their bills on time or went above and beyond on their bills every time, got what they deserved, Special perks and all. These people need to learn how to do their jobs and treat their actual paying customers the way they should be treated. We really needed this increase to help with the holidays, and we more than deserve it. They need to fix it before they lose out on loyal customers.

Nov 21, 2018

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