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Capital One - Credit Card / do not trust capital one!

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Capital One

Capital One Credit card, The no hassle credit card, What is in your wallet? It won't be Capital One for much longer. We purchased a year of Sun Rocket VOIP phone service on June 21st. On July 19th we were informed that Sun Rocket was bankrupt, we had never even used the service. We were billed and had paid on June 21st (the last day of our billing cycle. We called Capital One, spoke to Eric who reassured us that because it was under 30 days that Capital One would credit back the account. They did credit back the $244.06 on our July billing, but the charge came back on our August billing. I called the Consumer investigations department for Capital One. The not very nice "lady" advised me that since Sunrocket went bankrupt, they had to collect from someone. I asked about Capital Ones guarantee against fraud, I had sent supportive data via fax to them that supported the fraud claim. "Too bad" I was forced to pay the $244.06 for services never received, the customer no service "lady" "Anita" promptly hung up on me. We will be applying for and obtaining another credit card after I get back from helping my daughter after the birth of my grandson. Timing was horrible for me to terminate the card at the time because of the traveling that I had to do. I will rectify this ASAP. Do not trust the nice person on the phone that reassures you that CAPITAL ONE loves you as a customer. Their what is in your wallet and the NO HASSLE crap is just that, a line of crap. I had been very pleased with them up until then, even terminated another credit card because I had received such great service. I guess, I must not be that great of a customer after all.

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  • Ab
      29th of Oct, 2007
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    CAPITOL ONE Is Becoming another AOL Type Company. I can't even close mu account. The service manager puts me on hold while they download and review my account. Then they make a disconnection on the phone. This is so the Account manager does not lose a customer even though the account has a zero balance. I guess it looks bad for them to lose customers when the customer wishes to close their account.

  • Mi
      19th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I too had an account with capital one my credit line was 300 when I tried to close the account they told me I couldn't because my year was not up they continued to charge horrible fees till my bill is now over a thousand dollars because they will no close the account. its rediculous and frusturating

  • Va
      29th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes
    Capital One - Credit Card - They are horrible!
    United States

    Capital One -

    I have a credit for a limit of 300 dollars and I paid over 54.00 last month the balance left was 300. they charged me a 39.00 dollar over the limit fee because of a 5.43 finance charge that is crazy also I paid my bill for August on the 24th online and it was not posted until the 26th so i was charged alate charge even though i paid it on the due date, Then was the membership fee that i did not know was due which cost me another 39.00 over the limit charge for a credit card that i cannot even use I do no think i should have to pay the last39.00 over the limit because of the 5.43 finance charge of course i cannot talk to a real person about this ----there is no way to contact one i also have my car with capital one --- They are horrible!

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