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I had a Canon PoweShot S100 which stopped working on it's own while covering an event. All I did was turning the knob from video to photo and the camera showed lens error and shut down. After several tries to get it on, without success, looked for articles on the same in google. Found a product advisory which is still valid and my camera serial was valid and sent the camera for repair. I was slapped with an estimate of $161 saying that the lens was physically damaged and wont be covered under this advisory.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Costa Mesa, CAFor me this was like bait and switch scheme, as I defintely can't believe that there was a physical damage to the lens just by looking at it, as they claim when called customer care. They are not even ready to listen and see if the fault was due to said advisory. They say it costs to even open up. This is a very bad customer service and am not going to buy anymore Canon products. I had created this complaint on 4/28 and has disappeared since then and am creating a new one. My service request # RNB42782. Hopefully somebody takes a look at this genuine issue.

Canon USA

  • Updated by Ameer Sasihithlu · Apr 28, 2017

    Last Wednesday, I was covering my son's school program, all I did was to turn the knob from video to photo, jam, the camera showed lens error and shut down. The lens won't retract . After couple of tries with no luck, I checked google for the issue, and found this service advisory. Checked camera serial and was within the range, sent it out to Canon service center. Now got a repair estimate of $161, and I call back customer service, They say there is physical damage to the lens and hence won't be covered. They however offered me discount for being a loyal customer? For me this looks like bait and switch. I had sparingly used this camera and am sure there was not physical damage to the lens. Here is the link to advisory and supporting documents.!ut/p/z1/rZJBc4IwEIV_iwePmawBIRwB26KtOmoVycWJEDVWA2KU2l_f2PHUjnQ605w2mZe3b_MFMzzHTPGzXHMtc8V3Zp8wZ9EfRTTqhvAyfH0OwH8IhhPL6VgQWjj-EsCd5QNm9fdnmGGWKl3oDU5SrnK1UKKqxHJRlHl2SvWxCbcK8ewsj3kphTkzNTq2AFApCi5LtD0pQaBFrnZFKjOcQNulNkkBpcQTyLZXHuKuS40LUG-ZUe654ha_Jh-rny6-9qtxsOG7AMaeC77TcSJvEEB31P4hmAW2EXid0CKP1zY3QU2KxEzh3s1ADKWzFBWeqrzcG6iTPz5SBLj3G0fzUUjZD_tr48z1Bkm1yvH8LiUjl9vDgfkGfq60eNd4_h_0Tc71Ll-aIeMAJ70mEFlUuNhP99S6oLdx9BEM0FNMNb34jcYnFohfHQ!!/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/?current=true&urile=wcm%3Apath%3A%2Fcanon_newweb_products%2Fproduct-advisories%2Fadv-s100-repair-june2012

    canon powershot s100 service advisory denied service
  • Updated by Ameer Sasihithlu · May 01, 2017

    This is my second attempt at creating a complaint. 1 st complaint was deleted without any reason. Some thing fishy.

May 01, 2017

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