CanonBad service

My printer had an issue where the black and color ink were printing weakly, so after using the suggestions provided online by canon, such as deep cleaning, refreshing print heads, etc. nothing worked. I continued my search online for a solution (because its not like Canon is going to pay my phone bill while I waste MY minutes on hold for their customer service). In an online forum another person had said they had received information from Canon's customer service that if you take out the print head and clean it with hot water and soak it, it would clear out the dried ink. I do this, and now the printer's alarm goes off saying 'PUT IN CARTRIDGE' even though the cartridge is already in there. Basically now I need to buy a new print head for 50 bucks, because the hot water damaged mine. My printer is past warranty, and I'm sorry but 50 bucks is ridiculous for a print head (that may or may not work again). I may as well spend an extra 50 bucks for a more current printer! I have had other printers in the past that have lasted way longer than this. I will NEVER buy another product from Canon again.


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