Candy Crush Saga / level 1034

United Kingdom

Had over 100 goes, fed up with it now, can someone please just put me through to 1035, it is not fair and it is really doing my head in. On the phone version there is a tooth fairy that lets you through if you can't do it, on my laptop I don't get the tooth fairy.

i do not see how you can do this level 1034. I can see what you have to do but the fruits drop down the middle so they won't go on to the left and right platforms to go through to the square on the right and the frog can help but to feed him and do the combos in 40 moves is way too hard.

Also, to post this which wasn't what I wanted anyway, I wanted to complain to, I had to choose a bloody category, what's that all about, jeez.

May 6, 2017

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