Candy Crush Saga / buying $100 worth of goodies

Scottsdale, AZ, United States

I'm so frustrated. I bought a package of $100, which was actually $108, and I got nothing the offer promised but the gold bars. I was supposed to receive more lollipop hammers and 24 hours of free playing time, etc, but non of that arrived. I've been such a long time loyal player, that if this isn't made right, I'm done with King games!!! I play many King games, to include PB, etc, etc... shecuff... make it right or never again. I even switched phones and none of my goodies transferred. I was willing to ignore that, but this is the final straw!!!

  • Updated by Shecuff, May 06, 2017

    I spent $108 for a whole suite of goodies and only recievied the gold bars. I need my lollipop hammers and 24 hours of free play, etc for my purchase. This is the second time... last time I switched phones before right after making a big purchase and nothing transferred. I figured that was my bad for breaking my phone. This time it was a straight pirchase and I haven't changed anything and it is over the top as i made a direct purchase of goods for cash, and my items are not delivered. Maybe you're just crooks...?

May 6, 2017

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