Candlewood Suites / Unauthorized charges

Lowery, Norfolk, VA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 757-605-4005

I initially moved my family in candlewood due my remodel. We had been given rates for two weeks. One week in, the lady at the front desk almost yells that I had a balance. She went on to say, at the front desk in front desk in front of others, that I had a balance and if I wanted to clear it now. I quickly went to the computer and printed my cc statement. She then goes on about she can only advise whats on her screen. After a 20 minute debate and cc education, I showed her auths for 7 days and her system reflected 2. She then advised she'll call the manager, he quickly pulled an auth report and told her all was well. Days later, we were now 4 days into the second week and I was having all these cc transactions. I stopped by the front desk and was told, I again had a balance. At this time, I'm over charged 3 days. After 5 minutes of debating the same computer, finance, cc illiterate clerk, I asked for the manager. You'd think he showed her how to resolve the issue at hand from the last time. So I was told, to come down in the morning and he'll be there. In the morning, he was there and told me he was sending a affidavit to my bank to release the 2 over auths and that he hadn't any vacancies and we'd have to check out. After being charged and subjected to such problem. At checkout, we concluded that it was now two charges and agree to disagree. Then the CLERK went on to register someone a room, after I was told they were booked.
Two days later, a cm hit my cc. On the third day it was taken off because Candlewood finalized the auths after telling my bank they wouldn't.
IF THEY OVERCHARGE ME...WHO'S TO SAY HOW MUCH THE MILITARY IS PAYING TO STAY IN THAT HOTEL. I guess I am still paying...just by tax dollars now.

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