[Resolved] Candlewood Suites in Southaven, MS / hotel service by the general manager, holly shriver

Date of incident - 7-24-18
Reservation number - 208741 (initial hotel stay June 23rd and now through August 15th.
Guests - Steven and Leslie Hollingshead

I am a Large Loss Claims Specialist at Nationwide Insurance. One of our vendors, ALE Solutions, made a reservation for our member and their family of 7 to stay at the Candlewood Suites in Southaven, MS (6753 Airways Blvd., Southaven, MS 38671, [protected]) until we can locate a rental home. This family has been through a very traumatic experience where they almost lost one of their children when a 65 year old oak tree fell on the house and through the child's bedroom during a severe thunderstorm. Two trees fell on this 3500 sf home while the entire family was home and it is now a total loss.

Today, I received a call from our insured, Leslie Hollingshead [protected]) advising me that Candlewood is moving them from their room to another room (and away from their children - college age). She said she spoke to Crystal last night around 8:00pm and she said everything was taken care of and they are booked through July 27th. When Mrs. Hollingshead left the hotel this morning, she spoke to JoAnn at the front desk and she told her the rooms have now been booked through August 15th. There was no mention from either one of these girls about having to switch rooms. Mrs. Hollingshead said Crystal was letting the General manager know (Holly Shives). Apparently, the GM made the decision to move them to another room.

I called the GM (Holly) today around 4 or 4:30 pm today to ask if they can remain in their same room. She was very rude when speaking with me and said she already discussed this with me a couple days ago. I advised her I have never spoken with her before or anyone else at this hotel regarding the Hollingsheads. She kept insisting I spoke to her. She said the type of room they are booked in is not a "long term" room and the maximum amount of time they can stay in this room is 30 days. She never mentioned anything about the hotel being booked up. I asked her if she was aware of the Hollingsheads situation and the emotional trauma they have gone through and she said she did, but it didn't matter, they can not stay in that room for more than 30 days. She said they will move them to another room. I asked her if she could make an exception considering what this family has gone through and not put them through any more inconveniences ad she said "no", "this is not a long term room". She then said to me again "I already spoke to you about this a couple days ago" and I again told her I have never spoken to her before and wasn't aware of this situation until this afternoon when Mrs. Hollingshead told me. She didn't believe me and insisted we already discussed this. I thanked her for her time and hung up.

I then called your customer care dept. and spoke to a woman (don't know her name and she didn't give me an incident number). I explained to her the situation and asked if she could do something to keep this family from moving rooms. She put me on hold for about 5 minutes and called the GM then came back on the line. She said she was sorry but there was nothing she could do. She said the GM said these rooms were already booked up. I advised the girl she mentioned nothing about the rooms being booked up, only that they couldn't stay in this particular room for more than 30 days. (and I forgot to mention, today is the 30th day).

I then contacted Mrs. Hollingshead back to let her know there was nothing they could do. She was very confused because both Tammy and Joann had already told her last night and this morning that everything was okay. My assumption is that the GM, Holly, took it upon herself to have them moved to another room.

I then called the Customer care line back and got ahold of another person, Tammy. Tammy was very helpful and confirmed that the GM could have left the Hollingshead's in the same room and put the new guests in the room where they were going to move the Hollingshead's. Tammy was about to called the GM when I received a text from Mrs. Hollingshead letting me know the GM spoke to her when she entered the hotel a few minutes ago and apologized and said they won't have to switch rooms. I let Tammy know and we ended our conversation.

I then called Mrs. Hollingshead back to find out what happened. She said Holly approached her when she entered the lobby and apologized and said they didn't have to move. She also said "Kristy Richardson (me) was causing a lot of problems and stirring the pot". She also told Mrs. Hollingshead that she discussed all of this with me a couple days ago. Mrs. Hollingshead said there's no way she spoke to me because Kristy wasn't even aware of the situation until this afternoon. She kept insisting she spoke to me and continued to say I was causing a lot of problems.

It's unfortunate that this had to happened when all the GM had to do was leave our insureds in their room. She has caused unnecessary stress to the Hollingshead's and myself regarding this incident. In the end, Holly did the right thing, but at what cost. She put undo stress on a family that has enough stress in their life as it is. I send a lot of customers to the Candlewood Suites when their lives our turned upside down by house fires or tornado losses, but I've never had any problems until today. This incident has now tainted my opinion of this particular facility. I also take great offense to the comments Holly Shives made about me to Mrs. Hollingshead. She was rude, unempathetic, unprofessional, and she basically called me a liar when she insisted to both me and Mrs. Hollingshead that she discussed this issue with me a couple days ago. I'm sure Mrs. Hollingshead would be more than happy to corroborate what happed today [protected]).

I have now spent the last three hours dealing with an issue that never should have happened had your GM done the right thing to begin with. I could have been helping my other customers instead of dealing with this issue. My purpose in writing this letter is hopefully to prevent something like this doesn't happen again with future guests.


Kristy Richardson
Large Loss Adjuster
Nationwide Insurance

  • Resolution statement

    The GM resolved the issue by letting the customer stay in their original room

Jul 24, 2018

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