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I have been receiving calls to my home phone number with people asking if this is Canadian Pharmacy. If you have received a number or saw a number anywhere that begins with 302 area code, it is not the Canadian Pharmacy. I have also been duped by these people and had to close my credit card immediately against future charges. I have tried to contract them several times via their "secure email" without success.

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      Sep 29, 2010

    I have been reading the comments about Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy with interest.I live in England & my wife has Altzheimers Disease and we are unable to get the correct medication prescribed by her doctor.So in desperatyion I went online found Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy and ordered 90x5mg Aricept/Donepezil tablets at a cost of $88US inc delivery.
    I then read on another site that CNP was a scam site, I checkedmy bank statement and Lo and behold my cash had been paid out via a London based site and thinking that I had learned a rather expensive lesson I wrote off the money, As a precaution I cancelled the debit card I had used and informed my bank they should refuse any further debits from this company.
    Now that was about 10 days ago, so imagine my surprise when an airmail packet sent from this named address Supreme Supplies Gagar Avenue Mumbai was delivered to me with the medication enclosed.
    The tabs according to the packaging are manufactured by a drug manufacturer Cipla Ltd of Daman India.
    If you Google this company it seems legit, it has been in existence since the 1930's and has excellent financial results.
    I have emailed them to see if thay can shed any light on this state of affairs, but my position is I do have the drugs I originally ordered so as of this moment I am satisfied.
    However I have strong doubts that CNP are truly legitimate and would certainly not order anything from tham again, I would probably not be so lucky the next time. Peter Lineton Telford England

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