[Resolved] Canada Post / small package not delivered


On Feb 11 I sent a small packet containing a gift MP3 (as was stated in the Customs declaration required by CP) to Germany. I sent it regular mail although they insisted that using a more expensive service with give me a tracking number. The packet never arrived to Germany (did it leave the postal office at all?).
I called the Customer Service line and they basically said that they can not do anything about it as I don't have a tracking number.and no liability from their side for regular service.

Conclusion - If you want to waste your money (fee charged by Canada Post) and have your item not delivered(not sent, stolen?), just use the regular service (not sure about reliability of the tracked service though).
Why CP does not use Tracking number as a basic feature?
Is the business model to charge customers for regular mail delivery service with no liability at all? Do they have any quality of service metrics at all?

  • Resolution statement

    After one month of having sent the packet from Canada to Germany it was finally delivered. I am happy about this fact but extremely concerned that the stated delivery time which is 6-10 days did not apply for this case (twice the expected time - 21 days).

Mar 8, 2014

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