Canada Drivesunethical and rude behaviour


In july of 2016 I mistakenly submitted general information to canada drives website thinking it was something else (My mistake). I was in the market to purchase a car and was looking for different finance rates and must have stumbled onto their site by accident. Anyways shortly after... A sales rep contacted me and I very politely said it was a mistake and I wasn't interested. For about 2 weeks after I continued to get phone calls and subsequent emails offering their services and I ignored them until finally they stopped reaching out to me all together. Until...

About 30 mins ago I received a phone call telling me that I have pre qualified for a $15, 000 loan. I have recently been talking with a financial adviser and looking for different ways to invest my savings so I thought it was something to do with that. To be clear I have a great job, zero credit card dept or student loans, pay all my bills and rent on time with a great full time salary job... So I coulnt be less interested in a loan at this time or need one in anyway..

Once I realised that this was not my bank calling and was this company that I hadnt heard from in months I once again politely let them know I didnt need a loan and was not interested.

This is when the sales rep became very rude and un ethical. He told me that he had done a credit check on me and my score was not good at all and that I needed this loan to help my credit. I knew that I had never given anybody my sin number which is required to do a credit check so I knew he was lying to me. I asked him to remove any information they had on me (Phone numbers, e-mail addresses) and he said no! Who says that? He then kept trying to convince me that my credit was bad and that even if I thought it was good that it wasnt all just to get me to sign up for a loan. This company clearly encouraged their sales reps to lie to and scare people into signing up for these loans... Brutal

I have read a bunch of bad reviews and complaints now about this company but wanted to tell my story because I don't have any reason at all to get a loan and really had no interest in one and they were willing to lie to me and scare me into doing it... Even after I said I was not interested.

So for the people that are saying they are just trying to help people that have bad credit are full of it and work for the company in some way

Sooo many people are reporting very nice sales reps at first that flip a switch when you refuse their services.. Get a real job and stop praying on the weak!!!

Jan 13, 2017

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