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My husband and I are from Cayce, South Carolina and we purchased a 2002 Thor Chateau 26 on July 21. This was the worst experience we could have had. After they got confirmation that we were serious, ie...paperwork, check stubs, and put the down payment on the RV. It took 2 days and an angry husband to actually get someone to return the call. They told my husband that our salesman called out and the finance dept. was still working on the "deal" that I told Colton that we were prepared to bring a cashiers check with us for the agreed upon amount. Since they were having trouble financing due to the age of the vehicle, and due to the difficulies that we had been having, Ken said that he was "sorry and would make the cash price right". We were assured an answer the next day, and the finance manager did call me, he said the finance company said no. I asked him to please get together with the gentleman that my husband had spoken with the previous day, we would need a cash price because we would be bringing a check. It took the rest of the day but I got an email with the bill of sale in the amount of $13, 991.94. Saturday morning we boarded the plane, flew to Chicago, rented a car to drive an hour to CW. Our appt. started with a tour of the RV with Bryan. My husband had experience with a previous RV so we did a quick walk thru. Chris took us to get the necessities and we got "lost" in the system. When we were finally called back, I was told that they would attempt to get insurance for me that was cheaper than what I was paying currently. Even though I wasn't interested I went ahead and wasted 30 minutes with this process. At that point the finance manager took us to his office and told us that the bill of sale that they sent was not correct and that it was $1500 and that they could "split" the difference of the discrepency with us, so I ended up writing another check in the amount of $750.00. At that point I just wanted to get this business finished, get our RV and get on the road to home. Once everything was finished and after being on the road for abour 2 or 3 hours the A/C in the main cabin started triping the breaker and the A/C in the main cab stopped working as well. We also noticed that the refrigerator was not cooling correctly. On Tuesday after returning, I tried 3 different times giving people ample amount of time to return the call and recieved no call. So I called Steve the manager at the Columbia SC store and he and Ashley told me to bring it in that this wasn't right and thier intent was to make it right. They have been trying to reach the Illinois store and no one will call her back. I went to CW because I thought that they were all run the way Steve and Ashley run their store, I was WRONG! I need someone from the Illinios store to approve the repairs on the RV that Ashley has been calling them about for days with no response. Any other information please feel free to contact me Ashley at the Columbia SC store has all of my contact information

Jul 30, 2018

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