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Good morning..

I receive your e-mails all the time for sales. Depending on the sale it is either for internet only or can be used at one of your stores or internet. Which I find really odd, all sales should be able to be used at a store or on the internet. If you have a sale, you should want the consumer to go to your local store and spend money, then go on the internet.

I recently received an e-mail with a flyer for a memorial day sale. One of the items (Maxxair ii vent cover, white, $37.57) I was interested in. I had chatted with a on-line support person and I asked how much shipping was ($12) and thought that was too much.

I then decided to call the kingston ny store (On 5/27/2017) and see what the price was or if they match the e-mail / internet sale price. I talked with a gentlemen named bruce from the store and he said to just do a print screen of the internet sale price and he would gladly match the price. He then asked me for my name, since he would hold the product, since I was going to send my sister-in-law to pick the item up for me, since she lives closer to the store than we do and was coming to our house for a cook out.

My sister-in-law goes to the store and asks for the item that has been put aside for me. The cashier has no idea what she is talking about. The whole thing from there became a cluster and she had to call me. The cashier then ask my sister-in-law for my camping world membership number. There seemed to no clue to what was going on or where the product was put aside, etc.

My sister-in-law got jerked around so badly, she asked to talk with a store manager. Once she talked with this lady (Sorry, she didn't get a name) she put me on the phone with her to explain what was the whole store.

I end up talking with the store manager and she proceeds to tell me that she can only give me the internet price if I am a camping world member. I told her when I talked with bruce yesterday, he did not mention anything to me about I had to be a camping world member for the price. He just said print off the sale price from the internet and bring it in and would gladly match the price.

The store manager then proceeds to tell me that is the store policy and you have been told incorrect. She continued to go on and on about this is how it is, etc. With her overall tone, I told her to forget the sale and put the item back on the shelf.

My sister-in-law and I talked further later about the whole situation and I apologized for the wasted trip and what she went through. My sister-in-law told me it was a terrible experience at the cashier and one person didn't know anything about anything. See felt that everyone she talked with was new. No one had really any understanding of where a product might have been held, etc.

I should have warned her from my day's prior call, since when I asked about a product, the person who answered the phone couldn't give me any help, she had to transfer me to a cashier for help. I then had to leave my information and have someone get back to me, since all the cashiers were busy. That is when bruce had call me back about my question I had about that maxxair ii vent cover in white.

I have to tell you, after how my sister-in-law was treated and the rudeness of the store manager about the pricing and needed to have a camping world membership, I will never do business with camping world again.

As my wife said as I was filling her in on the situation when we all were talking over lunch, there is no service in customer service anymore. Especially when a customer has been told something from an employee and people make special arrangements to pick something up, the customer should be right. But in this case, not even close to being empathetic about the problem and this is how it is.

Now they have lost a sale, lost any possibility of future sales and have wasted my time and my sister-in-laws, just to try to save a few bucks on an accessory for our trailer.

After this situation, I will have to start looking closer to home at our mom and pop stores and trailer dealers, then anymore at the sales or on-line for camping world. The frustration and aggravation is not worth any possible savings I could gain.

Thank you for your time and attention to my note.

Yours truly,

Jay jorgensen

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    Don't Shop At Camping World

May 29, 2017

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