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Camping World / terrible service, again!

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Camping World
Once again Camping World has proven themselves to be totally incompetent and that their could care less about their customers.
We made an appointment weeks in advance for some warranty work on our RV. We returned three days later to get somethings we had forgotten, and it was still parked where we left it. The girl at the the service counter tried to blame it on the manufacturer not giving them authorization for the repairs. Then the service manager basically stated they did not want to fix it because we did not buy it there.
We had worse problems with the Houston location. I took weeks to get minor things done. When we picked up the unit, it was immediately apparent the work was not done correctly. The service manager stated they had fired the mechanic that worked on our RV for bad work quality. The idiots in management did not even think to check out the work he had done on our unit.
The RV industry is having hard times and you would think they would try to please their customers.


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D  3rd of May, 2009 by 
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I am sorry that people do not have anything better to do in their lives but sit around and cry! I work
for an RV dealership, and it is a fact that it can take days before the dealer can get what is called
Pre-Auth from a factory. It is very hard for any one working at a dealership to explain this to any
customer that feels that the dealership is just giving them the "Run Around"! Try putting your self in our
shoes for once having to deal with people coming in the dealership all the time yelling at you because
their new toy is broken and they can not play with it! I would love to see any customer out there try
and get behind a RV service counter and deal with the amount of yelling, and stress we have to deal with
on a day to day basis!!! I laugh at the people that say "I have worked in the service industry, I
know how it is." If you on;y had a slight bit of a clue how it is, maybe you would treat the service
adviser that is helping you, and the 40 other people every day with a little more respect, and try to
understand the amount of crap they have to deal with from almost every customer that comes up to
their counter for help!!! "After all we did not build them!!!
N  4th of May, 2009 by 
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I have had great service at some RV dealers, just NEVER at Camping World. Most of the RV people I meet say the same thing, Camping World is terrible. With the bad economy, especially in the RV business, they will soon go under due to their poor service. That will be no loss for the RV industry!
N  10th of Sep, 2010 by 
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To We Are People Too,
Sounds like your the one crying! why don't you get a tech job at Walmart. Camping World and 70% of the big outlets service sucks and thats a fact. They don't spend the $ on training their employees, etc. As for Camping World, I do about 20 Nascar races a year and don't hear much good talk about them. They only want to sell you a unit loaded with problems and get you out the door. The rv buyer needs to shop the dealer as hard as the unit. Quality rv brands are only at the top end. Good luck to the working man looking for an affordable rv brand with any quality to take his family camping. As for Camping World-pass them up they should do the industry a favor and close!
N  12th of Feb, 2016 by 
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After much deliberation with cw today I have decided it best to complain to the FTC and have provided them with all the info.

I suggest that all others who have been mislead complain to Ky attorney general as this company is beyond reproach and seem to have everyone in their pockets.
N  3rd of Aug, 2016 by 
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July 2016-- Rogers MN Installation of Roof Vent Covers;

1. Installer did not follow manufacturer recommendation of installation. C/W did not mention the installation procedure to be used with order write up.

2. Installation time was a farce. quoted time 60 minutes. actual time 165 minutes. NO communication during the ordeal. Adjusted time estimated 20 minutes to finish; actual time 45.

With this type of service I recommend caution in any time and material quote and beware of practices.
A  31st of Jan, 2017 by 
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I went to Chattanooga Tenn store. I called last week to see if they had the Smart Camera Hitch they did stated it would cost 112.00 to install. When I got there I tried to tell service it is not Bluetooth I told the service guy it needed be wired in, so I waited for three hours finally I ask parts what is going on with my truck, finally they came back and said the cost of installation went up from 112.00 to 280.00.
So did not the sales know what he was selling, I kept telling it had to be wired in. In the future I will go elsewhere for service this is the worst RV dealership I have ever dealt with. I went elsewhere to get it installed. Never go back for anything. WORST don't know how they stay in business. Ron Garton
N  2nd of Feb, 2017 by 
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There is so many complaints about Campers World, reading them makes me feel they really don't care what people care about them. My complaint was about service they wanted to charge me over two hours to install when the manufacture said it would take 45 min, to a hour. I guess that is why there lot is full nobody wants to deal with them. SORRY place

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