Camping World2018 pioneer rl250

Purchased camper new on March 30, 2018 from the Camping World in Monticello, MN. During the walk through, items were identified that required warranty work. They promised the warranty work would be done in a 2 week period. Returned to Camping World after two weeks expecting our camper to be repaired, only to find out it had not had any work done. This was very disappointing, since we never received any correspondence from the service department in the two weeks prior. Also, we had to drive 127 miles one way, since this is the closest Camping World to where we live. During the next two weeks I had to call every other day to ensure our camper was being repaired. Finally we were notified that the repairs were complete and we went to Camping World to pick up our camper on April 30, 2018.

On Memorial weekend we took or camper out for the first time. When we left the campgrounds on Sunday May 27, 2018 the canopy wouldn't return fully and blew 2 15 amp fuse before finally getting it to retract enough to travel. On Memorial day May 28, 2018 we took the camper back to Camping World to have it looked at and repaired. The service rep. created a work order with a promise date of June 6, 2018. Since my first experience went to so well I decided to emailed the service rep. on June 4, 2018 to find out what the status was on the repairs. It is June 8, 2018 and I haven't received an email or phone call. I also called and left a message for the service rep on June 6, 2018. Again, no reply back!

My wife and I are at a point where we just want to return the camper and give our business to someone else. They didn't treat us like this before the sale. Why would they treat us like this now! Very disappointed and frustrated with the Team at Camping World in Monticello, MN.

Jun 08, 2018

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