Camella Homeshouse defective

This has been my 3rd complaint made still no response. is this a ghost site? if so I will still continue. my unit is located at block-11, lot-52, phase-2, camella homes, bgry san isidro, general santos city, philippines. my complains are as follows:

1. 2nd floor seems will fall down. the floor itself is not of same level anymore. the wall of said 2nd floor near the stairs part have cracks that seems the cause of not same level for the floor. if you sleep at said second floor you can feel something is wrong. if something happened like this floor will fall down and somebody gets hurt because of poor materials and defective making of this house I wil surely come back to you all and sue you!

2. electricity connection causes tremendous heat that sometimes my nieces will have to turn it off because it might cause short circuit or fire. we ave asked an electrician to check and he said fire might cause said heat because it was not properly connected.

3. what is going on with the toilet outlet where is it that we cannot locate it. im talking about the outlet where if you want to take out when its full you have access to that outlet and the smell of the tube is really makes you to vomit.

4. poor bathroom defective shower

5. poor window materials

6. poor quality defective doors. why use a plastic doors for the room and later its all coming out because the plastic that connects them are teared down already.

7. what is wrong with you guys. I trusted so much this company because of the encouraging ads and thinking we have a home to go after so much work abroad, I only got home once and only used my home onced but all these parts are not worth for the money I am paying monthly!

May 15, 2018

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