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Camel / new camel crush packaging

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Who in their right mind would seriously approve the new packaging for you camel crush line? You probably took the advice of some 25 year old with some fancy college degree who has never smoked a day in his life. All you did is make the cashiers selling these jobs that much harder and confused the hell out of the customer. I have worked in a carryout for the past 12 years. The things you cigarette companies come up with do not make one bit of sense. Your new packaging on on your camel blues and camel filters has caused some of your customers to switch brands all together. Your new Newport platinum line was a train wreck. We cant even get rid of $0.50 off packs of those. Way to go camel with your bright ideas again!


Aug 24, 2018
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  • Ce
      7th of Nov, 2018
    Best Best Advice +7 Votes

    I'm not a fan either I've smoked these four years and not a fan of how confusing it was when I got my first pack of this new Camel Menthol pack and I don't know if you guys changed your recipe but they don't taste the same

  • Ce
      7th of Nov, 2018
    +5 Votes

    I smoked Camel menthols since they came out not a fan of how hard it is to get the right pack of cigarettes now at the store and I don't know if you guys change your recipe but they taste different to

  • Ta
      17th of Nov, 2018
    +4 Votes

    These "new" camels DO NOT taste the same. They are MUCH STRONGER than before. My boyfriend and I both smoke these, and both of us taste the difference. The white box was more of a ULTRA LIGHT MENTHOL. The new box is more of a LIGHT MENTHOL. Definitely stronger! We will more than likely be switching brands to a MORE LIGHTER menthol cigarette...not happy at all!!!

  • Te
      21st of Nov, 2018
    +3 Votes

    @Taffenee Gillaspia I thought maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me because I thought they taste different too. They even smell stronger to me.

  • Au
      30th of Nov, 2018
    +2 Votes

    @Teresa004 yes definitely agree with both of you, glad i’m not the only one!

  • Au
      30th of Nov, 2018
    +1 Votes

    @Taffenee Gillaspia please let me know what you find with the same taste as the white box because i want to switch as well!!!

  • Ch
      1st of Dec, 2018
    +2 Votes

    They taste horrible now definitely switching

  • Pa
      5th of Dec, 2018
    +4 Votes

    Why ... who's idea was it to mess up, not only the packaging but the last as well!! I'm on the hunt for another brand now. THANKS! I loved the white box and the taste of the silver. SMH

  • Lo
      8th of Dec, 2018
    +3 Votes

    What the hell are they thinking? They taste horrible. They just lost a customer! I suggest they revert asap!

  • Ca
      19th of Dec, 2018
    +2 Votes

    These “new” Camel Menthol Silver cigarettes in the Black box do NOT taste the same as the white box. I’ve been smoking ALOT of years and I know it’s not just my imagination. The whole “new look, but same crush” is NOT the same cigarette as before. Currently trying other brands to find one comparable to the White box Camel menthol Silver crush. Don’t know who’s idea it was to make the change, but it’s beyond a “Bad Change”. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Also, want to add that all of the different crush cigarettes having basically the SAME box look is very confusing for the seller AND the buyer. On the bright side, perhaps I will quit smoking all together. I really did enjoy the Camel Menthol Silver in the White Box- the new ones are NOT the same. “You can fool the fans, but you can’t fool the players!” Lol #truth

  • Lu
      22nd of Dec, 2018
    +3 Votes

    The new packs do not taste the same. I disappointed. Anyone find a good replacement???

  • Ro
      26th of Dec, 2018
    0 Votes

    Since the change of packaging, , I think I've gotten the correct kind only a handful of times, , my glovebox is now a haven for the wrong kinds, , not like it doesn't cost enough to smoke. Why do companies always have to mess with a good thing!!

  • La
      6th of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes

    I’m beyond [censored]ing p***** !!! The new packaging is ridiculous!!! I been smoking the camel menthol slivers since they came out and it’s all I smoke and I’ve havent had any problems till now! With The new packaging they all look the same ! I bought 2 packs the last week luckily I only bought 2 packs . And I wa given Camel menthols not the camel menthol silvers and I had no idea they were the wrong ones till I opened the pack ! I live in Philadelphia so cigarettes are mad expensive! And I was not able to return them ! I just bought 4 packs because I was outside the city and figured I’d grab a couple while I had the chance to save a couple bucks without the Extra tax in Philadelphia. Well the first pack was right and I looked and I was like okay cool they are good well I just finished my pack and went to open up one of the other packs and the remaining 3 packs are the wrong ones ! So not only can I not tell the difference the cashiers can’t either ! This has me enraged $30 down the [censored]ing drain bc of this stupid packaging! Design ! I’m about to just switch brands now and learn to like a different kind because I’m fed the [censored] up!

  • Na
      11th of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes

    I live in Sacramento. The new packages are such a horrible idea. They all look wayyyy to similar especially camel crush menthols and camel crush menthol silver. I used to smoke camel crush bold until they got rid of those, I miss those the most. New ones definitely aren't the same taste. I randomly find some of the green packs and buy them up. The cashiers mix them up all the time. I've even taken the wrong packs home without realizing it because they're just that similar where I cant even pick out my own pack that I use everyday. My mom smokes the same camel crush menthols as me and has ended up with the silver pack a ridiculous amount of times now to where she even has to be careful and double check every single timen now. I feel like they for sure knew this and for sure know it's an issue, I feel like they're purposefully getting customers pissed off for some reason.

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