Calvin Klein / logo plaque belt [protected]

My 15 year old son bought the above belt in July (date on receipt is 07/02/2017) from MacArthurGlen East Midlands Designer Outlet for £24.00 (original price £33.00). He was very excited to get this smart belt and wore it straight away. After a couple of months the buckle stopped grasping the leather strap and he was unable to wear it. We have just had the opportunity to take it back to the shop and they refused to replace it or give him a refund.
We are very disappointed as it cost a lot of money (over 2 weeks of his paperound wages in fact). A high end product like this should have lasted a lot longer.
If he had bought a belt from Primark or M&S, I feel sure they would have exchanged it or refunded it as it is well within the 12 months. Ideally he would like a replacement as he really liked the belt.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards.
Sarah Herbert


Nov 16, 2017

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