Cabela's / manager by the name of dopinion at the albuquerque nm location

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Me and my family were at Cabelas Alb NMr location. We were followed around the whole store by the manager as if we were some kind of criminals. We were followed from the time that we walked into the store until after we checked out. I'm not too sure if he thought we were going to steal something or if it was just the fact that we were Hispanics. Another customer actually confronted the Manger which he tried to deny that he was even following us. And questioned his reason for this. I do not appreciate that we were stero- typed or discriminated against. Me and my husband are very prominant business owners of U.S. Masonry and we're in the store with the whole family only to check out the store and to give our buissiness to Cabelas. I can't believe that as a manager that he showed his racism as mUchiha as he did. If this is how we are going to be treated than we will take or buissiness elsewhere

Nov 27, 2017

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