Cabelas / firearms customer service personnel

I purchased a compact pistol online from cabela's. I went to pick it up the person that helped me was very rude. I hand him my proper I.D. and my conceal carry permit. He asked me did you drive here? I said yes He asked me where's your Driver's licence I told him I don't have one on me ..then he askes me did you know that's illegal? I said i know i just didn't have no one to drive me here.
He looked at me with the dirtiest racist look.
I'm a latina married to a Caucasian. I guess he couldn't handle that I got that last name my looks olive skin and that I'm picking up my pistol.
I was trying to understand him I work customer service too this is why I try my best to be nice. I asked him how many magazines my pistol has .Then he gives me his degrading answer: ONE that's why is so cheap.
I told him I had already purchased a pistol in the past. He made a backroundcheck which was already passed and he made me wait and looked at me like if i was some kind of criminal.
Finally I paid for the background check and a case of bullets purchase compleated.
He Smurks laughing and says to me "Don't get pulled over"
Only there at Sun Prairie WI.
Someone needs to fire this person. I don't know if hes a policeman with a side job but is none of his business how i got there to get my purchase. Then he's so racist so sad that that's happening still in this millennium.
I would put his name here. But that will only make him famous.

Jul 24, 2018

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