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On today, which is 11-11-2016 around 12:57 pm I made a purchase at store number 00955 in Jacksonville, NC. The purchase was perfume and some party bags. Once I got to my car I opened the perfume and sprayed one spray on my wrist to see if the product agreed with me. I went next door to Kohl's to allow the perfume to dry to see if I liked it. After smelling it I noticed that he had me sneezing and it did not smell good. I immediately returned to the store to get a refund. When I walked in the associates stated oh weren't you just in here and I stated yes. The young lady that was helping at that time made me aware that they were unable to give me a refund and I asked why and she stated that once the product was opened it could not be refunded. I advised her that I was not told that or I would not have made the purchase and nowhere on the receipt does it state that and she proceeded to call the supervisor over and she told me the same thing. I explained to her what I had told the cashier. I asked for the manager and the mgr told me the same thing and I explained to her the same thing. I asked her to show me where in the store was that policy noted and she told me nowhere. The associate admitted that she did not tell me about the policy and that she was new. I asked the mgr could I get a store credit and she said no. I asked for the Customer Relations number and asked if I could used there phone and I was told no. I went back to my car and as I was driving back to Wilmington NC I called the number. Ryan which was very helpful contacted the store while I was on the phone and the mgr Diane then stated that she would give me a store credit, I advised Ryan that I was already in route back home which was about 45mins to an hour from Jacksonville NC. I was not able to turn around and go back to the store. I asked Ryan why couldn't the manager do that while I was there. The customer service was very poor and Burlington has lost a customer for life. I would like a refund for the perfume which was $39.99 plus tax.

Nov 11, 2016

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