Burger King / the bacon cheeseburger

Dallas, GA, United States

Yes I ordered the two bacon cheeseburger with the bacon on the side with extra pickles and extra onions and when I got my burger I drove off and when I got my burger my meal that I ordered both of the burgers were cold the cheese was not even melted everything was cold and you pick it up you can tell was cold so I tried to call them back I called 5 times they would not answer the phone I drove back over there to drive through and ask to speak to the manager and he came through the speaker and say yeah what do you want and I told him about the problem so I still waited in line another 15 minutes when I got to the window he was there at the window he took the burger went and took the pickles and the onions off of the burger and he warmed it up and gave it back to me like I didn't know I took pictures of everything and I marked it where I told her the same thing so I just took it and I left and I said I was going to make a complaint and I would like my money back for the order I can be reached at [protected] my name is lacaonda Dingba.

Sep 23, 2017

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