Burger King / another bad commercial

Owosso, MI, United States

I think taht the ideaology behind showing the "King" breaking and entering into McDonalds Headquarters to steal the original Egg McMuffin was about as inappropriate as it gets. As I have read the other complaints about he sexual suggestions behind the Sponge Bob commercial, i think that the marketing department at BK HQ should seriously take a step back and ask themselves what the heck they think they are doing. now, i am always one for making fun of stuff, but suggesting that it is alright to break into someplace and them steal something is going to far, especially since my impressionable 12 yr old thought it was funny. I think it goes to show that BK is losing the battel to McDonalds. That commerial just validates the point that they cannot come out with something new and original!

BK corporate, you havd better get a grip on tha marketing department before they run you out of business. I know plenty of people that have not been happy with the services and lame ploys at commercials lately. You want to steal business away from McDonald, maybe someone should consider going to back to how things use to be, when you could get a whopper meal with everything for under $5. The best way to secure business in this failing global economy is to reach out to the consumers and get into their pockets. The best way to do that is to save them money while provide high quality customer service an food!

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