Burger King / order wrong

Casper, WY, United States

Sept 2/2017 Store # 2751. Bacon double cheeseburger only mustard and pickles had no bacon. They made me a new burger this time no pickles. Please cut my burger in half. Sure no problem. didn't happen so back up to the counter. Asked if I wanted whipped cream on my strawberry shake. I said no thank you. Milk shake came with whipped cream. The only that they didn't screw up was the fries but of course by the time I got all the burgers sorted out the fries were cold. This was the worst experience I have ever had at a fast food restaurant. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry didn't cut it after the second one. Never going back. And it's true. Make a mistake and 10 people are told.

Sep 15, 2017

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