Burger King / employee taking advantage

Saint Johns, Florida, United States

I was dining at the burger king in fruit cove florida (495 state road 13, jacksonville, FL 32259) today (9/20/2017). I had 3 of my children with me (ages 5, 5 and 10) and we chose to sit in the playroom to eat. There were 4 children (all dressed in uniform type clothes) who were terrorizing the playroom. They were VERY loud and followed my children around the entire time and did not respect their space and allow them to even eat. We ended up leaving early, taking food with us. When I asked the oldest child where his parents were, he replied "My mom works here and we come almost every night to play and eat while she works." I just don't think this is appropriate. It would be different if the children were well behaved and sitting quietly while waiting for their mom (an employee) to get off work, but they were acting like they ran the place. It was not a good experience for me or my children and it was disrespectful to everyone trying to just enjoy a dinner out.

Sep 20, 2017

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