Burger King / employee brenda did not give me my money back when I gave her the food I didn't touch

Dallas, TX, United States

Hello It was my first time buying at burger king I used coupons to order my meal, right when the employees gave me my order I tried the fries they had a weird smell and I did not enjoy it which just killed my appetite, therefore I went back around the drive thru and asked for my money back and returned their food the lady there told me that she couldn't give me my money back because she needed a valid reason of why I didnt want my food and that if I wanted my money back I had to go back tomorrow to talk to someone else that she couldn't do anything I told her tomorrow I had to work I did not have time to go back again just because me not being satisfied by the smell of It was not a "valid reason" according to her! She even offered to take the bag and bring it back to the manager !UNBELIEVABLE!!!I am manager to a restaurant I know that in the restaurant industry our priority is our customers satisfaction which made no sense to me the unprofessional that she sounded !

Apr 28, 2017

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