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We love Burger King! Sadly, today's experience was not acceptable. We were traveling and about 5:40 p.m., we pulled through the drive-thru at Burger King on Antilley Road in Abilene, Texas. I noticed a sign in the front window that read, "Whopper Jr. Deal $3.99". That is what I ordered. When we pulled through to pay, the young lady said, "That'll be $5.28." I stated that I had intended to order the "Whopper Jr. Deal for $3.99", and she said, "If you want that deal, it comes with chicken nuggets instead of a burger. Is that what you want?" I said, "Well, there's a picture of the deal on your front window that shows a burger and states "Whopper Jr. Deal $3.99". She repeated that if I wanted that deal, it would be a chicken nugget meal. Because we were needing to reach our destination soon, I just said, "That's ok -- I'll just take this." She stated, "That'll be $5.28." She was blunt and clearly not in a mood to offer good customer service, and I don't believe she knew or cared what the sign in the front window said. We paid, and without handing us a receipt or attaching it to the sack, the young lady shut the window and began taking the next drive thru order -- so we left. To add to that -- my burger was very cold - the meat wasn't even the least bit warm, the lettuce was wilted, and the bread was soggy on one end and dried hard on the other. I ate about three bites and threw the rest away. Had we not been pressed for time, I would have gone back, asked for a manager to look up our order for a receipt, and requested a refund.

I'll repeat that we love Burger King. Both my husband and I are typically very positive, easy to please, people. Since we both retired, we take frequent road trips, and we attend many events that our grandchildren are involved in. Burger King is usually a favorite stop for us. This location in particular is close to our home, and I want it to be a favorite. However, this is actually three times that we've been very disappointed for various reasons, and our daughter shared another recent incident at this location that has convinced her to simply not go there anymore. This is a shame because this Burger King is at a prime location and is across the street from a hospital. There is every opportunity for exceptional performance from this location.

As far as a resolution (which is asked for in your website instructions), I'm not really asking for anything. I just know that this is not the kind of service or employee interaction that would make Burger King proud. I've never worked in the fast food industry, and I've never been a "mystery shopper" for anyone, but I would re-visit this location in that context with hopes that I could report a much better experience next time. Other than that, I have no reason to go there again.

Jan 27, 2017

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