Burger Kingcrispy chicken sandwich

Kathi mckenzie
15906 ne 10th way
Vancouver wa 98684
Re: burger king... Crispy chicken sandwich
430 se 192nd st.
Vancouver, wa

Today 5/1/17 I went to the franchise of your store in walmart on 192nd in vancouver washington. I ordered the crispy chicken sandwich because your advertisements made it sound so good. When I finally got my sandwich the patty was not only too hot to eat, that it burned the inside if my mouth, the patty was way overcooked, rock hard, the meat inside was dried out and it had a burnt rancid taste to it. I went to the counter and informed the cashier that it was the worst sandwich I had ever had there and told her why, she did not offer me any thing, not another product or even a refund.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Vancouver, WA
Then an extremely, rud, e vulgar mouthed customer started screaming at me for taking my sandwich back! Your manager came out and asked what was wrong and what sandwich I had and I told her, all she said with a tone in her voice "well I can't believe that I had one of the crispy chicken sandwich earlier and mine was fine." well mine wasnt.!!! No offer of another sandwich or even a refund!!!. Of all the nerve! Needless to say I took to the internet and went public about your store at this location, to yelp and the bbb. I have never been treated this way ever in any fast food establishment. I was actually looking forward to that sandwich. So I took the sandwich up to the counter so they could see what I was talking about. It took me hours to get that rancid taste out of my mouth. I think this manager needs to be reprimanded but also dismissed she has zero customer service skills and is going to continue to anger more of the public. My husband and I were shocked that we were not even offered a refund let alone a different menu item.

May 02, 2017

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