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On May 2nd and May 1st I had went the Burger King they're on Stark Street 110 Stark Street store number is 1424 phone number is [protected] on the 1st and the 2nd I had bought the two cheeseburger mail for 329 and on the cheeseburgers it was supposed to be no cheese extra ketchup or mustard on the first day May 1st it was 4:30 in the afternoon when I got my order the fries were cold or lukewarm and the cheeseburgers with her supposed to be hamburgers had ketchup or mustard on them but ketchup mustard on the hamburger it was on the wrapper and when I opened it up and got all of my hands my clothes the whole nine yards took pictures and on May 2nd I went in at 12:30 order the same thing this time I got two cheeseburgers and the ketchup and mustard was all over there I'm at the hospital I have family having surgery and everything I don't like ketchup and mustard all over my clothes and I showed these pictures to the manager David and he says to me that won't happen these won't look like that hand in my bag and while i was driving down the road to stick my hand in the bag the fries hot that was good I get to pull my hamburger out it's a cheeseburger and it's got ketchup and mustard worse then the day before now I don't know if there's a problem with the ketchup and mustard dispensers but and it seems did not have any time help or sympathy it was just to get me out of the drive-thru and that's what I thought very very very bad customer service rudeness me and my family eat at Burger King LOL but to get that kind of service and that kind of food was uncalled for disrespect I would like some results out of this my number is [protected] and yeah I'm going to post it on Facebook about how not to go to that Burger King Hydra still I'm not getting no results and you leave me know reason not to say anything to the public about how you want to eat ketchup and mustard on everything and disrespect of the management

Burger King
Burger King
Burger King

May 2, 2017

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