Builders Warehouserude assistant

On the 10th of June I visited the Helderberg Builders Warehouse store and asked a Caucasian gentleman for some expert advice - he retorted in a very abrupt manner that was not an expert and I should ask the lady in charge. As this is not the first time I had the displeasure of being brushed off by this person when, at a previous visit I approach him for assistance he said "Can;t you see I am busy".

This man needs some serious training in peoples skills. I do not know his name bu when I asked the Information counter it was said to be "Spekkies". I am not sure this is his name but he is Caucasian, shortish and unshaven.

I must apologize for when he told me he was not an expert I got so cross I swore at him upon which he answered "shame".

Jun 10, 2018

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