BudsGunShop.comCharged extra money because of a mistake THEY made

These clowns increased the price on me when I showed up in-store to pick up the firearm. I ordered an all black colt mustang from them. The model number in the listing was suspect, but the picture and written description was an all black gun. I even called their support line to verify. The rep informed me that it was an all black mustang. When I showed up to pick it up, it had a polished stainless slide.
They located and verified the mistake on the site, then found an all black model from the back room. Then they said that it would cost me and extra $25 because of the "current cost of that particular gun for them". I told the clerk that the website AND support rep told me it was all black before I ordered. That didn't matter to him or his supervisor. They would not honor the price in the listing. I coughed up the extra $25 because it was cheaper than re-ordering online and paying a transfer fee, but I'm done with Bud's.
They sold me a gun online, then would not stand behind the price. That incorrect listing is still on their site! Doesn't get much worse than that.

Jan 26, 2015

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