Buds Guns Shop / Out of stock when said it was in stock

I ordered a gun on line like I had done many times before from Buds in 3/23/16 #1602555. If they do not have the gun in stock it won't be on their sight and I can't order. I get an email to call them the gun is out of stock. I call and talk to rep #7708. She said I should call first which I have never had to do. I paid with a e-check so it was never taken out of my bank. Today 3/28 I saw the gun in line again. I called 7708 and she placed the order #1607041 saying it is in stock. I look on line tonight and it said out of stock again! I called and after they tried to blame me for not ordering correctly. They canceled my e-check again. I hope. Frustrating as if I ordered a gun and canceled Buds would charge me 10%. Not really nice on the phone this time.

Mar 28, 2016

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