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Since Bud's deletes bad reviews from their site, avoids the bad Google reviews, and permanently deletes the account of anyone who gives them a bad review, I have joined this site specifically to write this about them. Just look at the extreme lack of professionalism and customer service in their responses to the bad reviews on this site, since they can't delete them like they normally would. Sorry, Bud, but you can't do anything about the private sites like this, the many gun forums, and the word of mouth that are all telling the truth about your bad business practices.

Also, I will not be reading or replying to any of the childish and unprofessional replies that I am sure this post will bring from them.

They will not match ANY prices on ANYTHING from ANYWHERE else. Their "price match guarantee" BS that they proudly plaster all over the site only covers the difference if the price were to drop within their own inventory, NOT any other stores. I've had at least 3 occasions where they would not match the price of an item, sometimes over something as small as $8. I have since purchased a firearm elsewhere for over $50 less than Bud's, where the price WENT UP after I asked if they would match. The staff is rude and will ignore you if you are unfortunate enough to be able to visit the "store", and they completely do not care if any customer is unhappy. From the many complaints I constantly see on gun forums and etc, they will tell people things like, "Cancel your order if you aren't happy. We don't care." So think about that if you are contemplating ordering from them.

If you are reading the many other complaints online, they are centered around their poor customer service and terrible shipping practices. Sure, some people have alright experiences with them, and I myself was even happy with them for a while, but ONE single bad customer service experience FAR outweighs a good one. I am not talking about a simple mistake here or there, I am talking about how they COMPLETELY do not care if they lose a customer, because they know another one will be along right behind him. Hopefully now we can use the internet, which has made them what they are, to put an end to it by spreading the word like this.

I say "store" because this is basically a bad drop ship type of setup. They don't even have 10/22 rifles on the shelf. So, when you order from Bud's, they take your money, wait for the gun to either be shipped to them from one of their warehouses or drop shipped from who knows where, then it sits in their "shipping" department for sometimes weeks (which means there was a mix up with their shady drop ship setup), then it finally goes out to you. After all of that, they ship things with improper paperwork, the wrong model, or there is even at least one complaint of a USED gun that was labeled as new. You are shipping guns here, not T-shirts. You just don't do that and get away with it, at least not with any of the gun enthusiasts that I know.

Anyway, Bud's will argue the validity of complaints and point fingers all day long, but the bottom line is that a customer is not happy. A respectable business' reply to an unhappy customer should be "Ok, sir, we will fix that for you right away" REGARDLESS of the nature or validity of the complaint. NOT "Cancel your order, then. We don't care."

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      26th of Mar, 2014

    What I am seeing is a definite deterioration in their service. I ordered
    a pistol in December, 2013 and it was received by my local dealer in four
    days. I ordered another one in January, 2014 and it, too, was received in four
    days. I ordered a rifle in February 2014 and the order status stayed in
    "Processing" for 8 days! Due to this delay, it was held up in Memphis
    because of bad weather for another week before being delivered. Hoping
    this was just a one-time thing, I ordered another pistol in March. It
    went from ordered, to "Processing" to "Shipping" in one day. It's now
    been in "Shipping" for 6 days. Had I waited three days, I could have
    picked one up from a local dealer for the same price and had it a week
    sooner. My days of ordering from Bud's are over. I'll shop locally from
    now on.

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  • Cl
      27th of Mar, 2014

    Well, I have to add a follow-up to my previous comment. Two hours after posting it, my LGS called and told me they received my gun. Bud's had it drop shipped by a third party who didn't notify them that it had been shipped. The poor communication was not due to Bud's. Not a great transaction, but not a bad one, either. I'll give them another chance next month.

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  • Jr
      4th of Aug, 2014

    Purchased a weapon from Bud's Gun Shop and after attempting to fire the weapon it would not work.
    I got on line to their website and opened a case and never received a response.
    I called and was told that I would have to send the weapon back to the manufacturer.

    After several gun a ammo purchases from Bud's, I will never spend a dime there again.

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  • Mi
      20th of Mar, 2017

    I just had a similar situation happen as to the original poster. I asked a question about an item and mentioned I was looking to buy. After receiving a satisfactory answer, I go back to the website to purchase and the price went up by about $100! Immediately asked about price increase and they of course give me the run-around about the demand pricing stucture they have. This isn't my first odd observation of buds. I watch their site a lot to feel out the market on certain items.

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