Buds Gun Shop / Failure to honor sale, bait and switch to refurb?

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On 6-24-16 i orderd a pistol online from Buds Gun Shop. This pistol was priced at $1422, which is a very good price, about $300 less than i can get it locally, however Buds is often several hundred dollars cheaper than my local shops.

On 6-24-16 i received an email from Buds advising that mynorder had been received. My order was assigned order number 1677218.

On 6-24-16 I received another email from Buds advising my order was in processing and once it went to shipping I woukd be unable to make any changes.

On 6-24-16 I received a third email from Buds advising that processing was complete and that my order was sent to the shipping department. From this time forward I would not be able to change my order.

On 6-25-16 I noticed that my item had price dropped on Buds website from $1422 to $1393, after noting that I took a screen shot of the item so that I could submit it against the price drop guarantee that is provided via the Buds website and a second party vendor.

On 6-27-16 a charge of $1479.66 cleared my credit card and was charged to buds gun shop, this was for the pistol, non cash penalty, and insurance.

On 6-29-16 5 days after my order was placed, and two days after I had paid Buds gun shop, i received an email from Buds that there was a problem with my order and to call them. I did so that morning and recorded the phone conversation. After calling Buds long distance charged to me, i waited on hold for approximately 6 mins, after being connected to a customer service representative I explained they asked me to call them in reference to my order number. She then advised that there was a listing error, and that the price was for a refurbished pistol. I asked who refurbished the pistol, she put me on hold, returned and advised Dan Wesson refurbished the pistol, I advised her that was not accurate and asked to be conncted to a supervisor or someone who would not lie to me.

Dan Wesson doesnt sell refurbished pistols, this i knew but have since confirmed with Dan Wesson. I was then allowed to speak to Eric, who would not give me a last name, only advising he is the only one at ext 7721. He advised that there was a listing error, I advised him that it was not my error, that the pistol was still listed that morning on their site for $29 less than I paid. He said they could send me a refurbished pistol, which i explained to him i believed to be a lie, as Buds has never carried or sold refurbished Dan Wessons in the 6 yrs i have been a customer and watched their site, and because DW does not sell refurbished pistols to vendors, and still to this day Buds does not list any refurbished DW pistols.

Eric advised that he would refund my money that they have already had for several days in another 3-5 days. I advised Eric that I didnt want a refund, I wanted what Buds oferred to sell me, that I accepted, payment for which Buds accepted from me, He then advised me they didnt have any new DW Specialist pistols that I ordered, i askd him why their website shows them currently in stock, as they still do today show in stock 6-30-16, he would not answer that question.

Buds oferred to sell me something, even sending me reminder emails that the item was in my "shopping cart" pushing me to buy their product, i then accepted and purchased it, they then accepted my payment, i fully believe they have the pistol i ordered in stock but instead refuse to sell it to me and have cancelled my account. I have screen shots and recorded audio evidence of all of my claims

Buds Gun Shop

Jun 30, 2016

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