Buds Gun ShopBought a new gun and received a used gun

I ordered an EAA Witness 45/22 Combo (999119) online through I placed the order later in the evening of Thursday, August 1st, Pacific Time, Buds system processed the order as received August 1st (East Coast time). Bud's policy is to ship purchases within 3 to 7 business days. I went with Buds because of positive online reviews about prompt and quick shipping, so I expected the gun to ship sooner than later.
It still hadn't shipped on Thursday, August 8th, so I called to make sure everything was on track. Was told that the gun was being shipped to their facility from the distributor and they would ship it when they received it. Why not just drop ship it direct?

The gun still hadn't shipped by the close of the business day on August 12th, the last day for them to ship it with in their 3 to 7 business days window that they promise. So, I called and questioned why the gun hadn't shipped. I was told that it was being processed to ship and I would receive an email. I explained that I wasn't happy with having to wait 10 days (7 business days) for my order to ship and asked to have shipping upgraded to overnight. I Was told no! OK, fine. I asked why it took so long to ship it and was told that they had to have it shipped from their other facility. Wait, what? Previously I was told that it was being shipped from the distributor. Why 2 different stories!
The dealer received the gun yesterday and I went to pick it up today (Thursday - 2 weeks after placing the order). I opened the package and examined the gun to find that the 45 slide was used!!! The top and sides of the slide were all scratched up and had it a big gash behind the rear slide grip. The guy at the shop got out a light and upon examining the barrel and firing pin it was clear that the slide had been fired hundreds of times, not just test fired. The 22 slide looked ok, just a little dirty. The mag for the 22 looked new, but the mag for the 45 looked used as well. You could see the wear from rounds being pushed in and out. Also, the 45 slide wasn't coated with the heavy oil that comes on new guns. The 22 was.
So I rejected the transfer and called Buds. Had to press 4 for new purchases. Otherwise they don't answer the line for existing orders. Spoke with a rep who said they would have the gun shipped back and refund my money. Really, no apology, no let me get someone who can make this right. Nothing.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Lexington, KY I explained that I still wanted the gun and politely asked if they would help me since after waiting for 2 weeks I received a used gun. He said he would contact his supervisor tomorrow and follow up.
So, at this point I was hoping Buds would handle the situation:
1. Promptly apologize and let me know they would do whatever it takes to correct the situation.
2. Offer to immediately ship out a replacement without waiting for the return.
3. Drop ship the replacement directly to my dealer.
4. Overnight the package with Saturday and Sunday delivery.
But, unfortunately I have to wait to hear back. At this rate, by the time they receive the used gun and then take 7 business days to ship out a new one it will be well over a month before I receive the new gun I purchased. Ugh! Come Buds, step up!
And I was troubled to learn I wasn't the only one that received a damaged gun that day. The guy at the counter told me that another guy was in earlier that day and had to reject one of the two guns he ordered from Buds because of damage.
Anyway, besides my concerns above here's other customer service let downs I noticed:
1. There online chat is always off line, even during business hours. If you send a message through the online chat when it's offline they don't respond.
2. They don't answer the phone when you call about a pre existing order. You have to pretend like your placing a new order.
3. The page for the gun I bought didn't even have a picture or a description of the gun. That should've have been a red flag.

Well, at this point I am still waiting to hear back from Buds with a resolution to the matter. So far, not so good though. If they resolve this matter to my satisfaction then I will update this complaint.

I posted here because a previous poster posted a similar experience with Buds, receiving a used gun they bought a new one. I'm not looking to engage Buds reps in any BS conversations in this forum, but I do want to post about my experience so others can make an informed decision about purchasing from Buds.
In no way am I accusing buds of selling me a used gun, my complaints center around how long it took for me to receive it and how they reacted when I informed me that I received a used gun!
Yes, Buds has great prices and doesn't charge for shipping, but I would have preferred to pay more to have the gun shipped out sooner. Also, I could've have paid a little more and ordered the same gun through another online retailer that stocked the gun and could have shipped it the next business day! I guess you get what you pay for!

Aug 16, 2013

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