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La Nov 23, 2018 Irving, TX

I have a complaint on Shonda & Adriana. While staying there, there was an issue with my son- who did not live there. Shonda stated my son stole her brothers car. Not only was she discussing it in front of other people they made false accusation to my son. There were people on the office that heard the information / accusation when she toid me and my husband.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Irving, TX The accusation was false because the police never came to where i was nor where my son was. This was a defamation of character and we decided to move becuase Shonda kept causing issues and making false statments. We do not appreciate this at all. In order to make people happy, please teach these 2 customer service and confidentially.
On a good note, Joyce and Theron were two of the best to deal with. They are very professional.
Please address these issues,

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