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Ha Hampstead, MD Review updated:

I hired Brothers Services (111 Hanover Pike Hampstead, MD 21074) to do roofing repair with the understanding that there would be a supervisor who could speak English on site at all times. Of course, the salesman bent over backwards promising me, my disabled wife and our nephew Dan (who was present during the sale pitch) that this would be the case. Monday morning August 23rd the only one who showed up was some sorry Mexican who had no Green Card, smelled as though he had not taken a shower in days and could not speak one word of our native language. Would you want that thing working on your roof? Needless to say, I through the ### off my property in short order.

Then I called Brothers Services to ask why this provision in our agreement hadn’t been lived up to by them and why the salesman they sent to my home was such a blatant liar. The nasty female they have for a receptionist, obviously unable to answer any of my embarrassing questions and not like being put on the spot, promptly hung up in my hear. But I expected that response. This was no surprise from such a belligerent shrew.

I am a disabled American veteran who has been unemployed for 11 months with our house now going into foreclosure. Perhaps the reason I can’t find employment in my own home town is that companies such as Brothers Services would rather illegals who shouldn’t even be in this country rather than veterans who live in their own town. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? With the outright lies and stinking service this company provides and our economy in the dumper, is it any wonder the Japs are kicking our ###.

Help me put out the word about this joint so that other homeowners do not get screwed. I have contacted Experience Project, Angie’s List, Maryland Home Improvement Commission, The Better Business Bureau, The Mayor of Hampstead, Mr. Haven Shoemaker, Julia Gouge (the Carroll County Commissioner) who is up for re-election soon, along with The Federal Trade Commission and every other Maryland and Federal consumer complaint site, roofing company complaint site and home improvement complaint site Google could find.

I produce a web podcast with many subscribers. I will eat a time slot to broadcast my own Brothers Services commercial to enlighten people about this company. Seeing as there are few federal regulations with regards to internet podcasts, so long as there are no threats, slander, libel or bad language with nothing but the gospel truth about the promises made vs. the lack of service provided, there is nothing Brothers Services, the Maryland State cop that John Martindale, the owner of Brothers Services sent to my house this morning (August 26th) to try to intimidate me, or anyone else for that matter, can do about it. I will simply describe our poor experience with this company and let my many podcast subscribers make up their own minds. This truth shall be spread very quickly.

Tomorrow I will be contacting the INS and the Maryland Department of Labor to find out how these illegals got a drivers license in this state if they can not speak English, let alone get a job, when this Army veteran can’t find one himself.

Don’t let ANYONE from Brothers Services within 100 yards of your property. Don’t trust them any farther than you could drop kick an anvil. Their sales staff are liars who couldn’t care less about their customers and hire only smelly, illegal Mexicans.

William Thomas Stanley

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  • St
      Jan 22, 2011

    I f you ever need a good professional roofer, we have english speaking crews. We are rated among the top companies in the area...Check us out at [protected]
    We are Building Solution Certified, Hydro Stop water proofing certified, Authorized Firestone Certified, EPA Lead Certified, and Shingle Master Certified...We are professionals and know how to do the job rights

    Roofing, windows, doors, siding, gutters

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  • Pa
      Sep 01, 2011

    Sir, I had Brothers Roofing put a new roof on my home several years ago and like you experienced, the entire crew of 5 workers were all Mexican and only one spoke very broken English. They were the hardest working men I have come across in a long time. It was the middle of August and very hot but you know what, they never complained, just kept doing their job and what a fantastic job they did! My roof looks great and has never leaked even during tropical storm Isabel and Hurricane Irene that just slammed our state. So, dear Sir, DO NOT JUDGE A MAN BY HIS ETHNICITY.

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  • Ra
      Aug 07, 2013

    This entire rant is about a roof repair to a foreclosed home that didn't happen? And the person complaining didn't allow the person to do ANY work on the roof? He could have been the best roof repair guy you've ever seen but you gave him no chance to prove that one way or another.

    I am amazed that this website or any other would allow you to post a review under those circumstances. I've researched a half dozen or more contractors in the Baltimore area and Brothers Services is the best rated roofing/siding/window installer in Maryland. Period. I am paying them over $50, 000 to replace my roof, windows and siding and am looking forward to being another of their satisfied customers. If ANYTHING about their employee's, work or materials is questionable I will gladly re-post any issues here.

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  • Bo
      Dec 17, 2015
    Best Best Advice

    I had two roofs that needed replaced called brothers for a estimate they gave me a fair price on the job all the paper work went smoothly they said they would call when weather was right for the work. I received a call within a couple of weeks they gave me a start date and a completion date which the job was supposed to take one or two days. the first porch the crew stripped and they replaced all the materials that needed replacing finished roof in one day the crew said the would be back Monday to start second roof. the crew did not show up for a couple of days after multiple phone calls to see what was going on. the crew finally showed up stripped roof replaced sheathing board on top of bad rafters went ahead put paper and shingles on and called it good. I came home from work looked up at roof still had a sag in roof on which I called them in the fist place. the original agreement was if the crew ran into bad lumber they were supposed to call me and let me know how bad and how much the extra materials were going to cost I had to call them back and tell them the problem. waited a couple more days for somebody to show up and see the sag in roof the quality control manager seen the sag in roof said they would be out to fix the roof sag. after multiple phone calls. they showed up about three weeks later started work on roof again called me and said the cost would be additional 1500.00 on top of the estimate of 4500.00 in contract the contract agreement was to let me know the extent of damage and cost of extra materials the crew already replaced roof once covering up damage stripped roof off second time and charged 1500.00 for four 2x4 scabbed on to sagging rafters put roof back on didn't show back up to paint underneath porch left paint here for me to finish job I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS CONTRACTOR TO ANYBODY STAY AWAY FROM BROTHERS SERVICES COMPLETE NIGHTMARE

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