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Brookstone - Trumbull, CT / poor customer service

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Westfield Mall, Trumbull, CT

I purchased a pair of slippers for my dad as a gift for Father's Day. The sales associate spent a bit of time with me making suggestions about what I might like to purchase and I settled on the $50 slippers. He also spent an inordinate amount of time trying to convince me to buy an egg-shaped clock. At NO TIME did he ever mention that a gift receipt would be advisable. He knew that the slippers were a gift.

I went back to the store with the slippers in the original bag to exchange them for the XL size. I was told by the same sales associate that I would have to fill out paper work. He explained that he would not be permitted to do this, so he had me wait while he walked out into the mall to find the assistant manager! When the assistant arrived, he informed me that I could not exchange them without a receipt. He said that their store policy had changed in April. I explained to the both of the associates that I was never informed of the policy, and that I was never offered a gift receipt. They told me they were sorry for the mistake, but that they were both new to the job. I didn't see what the problem was since the slippers were not worn, were still in the original wrapper, and were in the Brookstone shopping bag. Plus, I reminded the sales associate that it was, indeed, his fault. In the end, I was told that there was nothing that could be done for me until I located the original receipt.

I assured them I would never shop in any Brookstone store again.

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  • Hi
      18th of Jul, 2007
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    I bought a retractable earbud at the brookstone store in their south shore plaza store #00113 in braintree, ma on 6/28/07 at 5:52pm. A young guy named paul was my saleman. This is for my 68 year old mom. she is very picky, so i asked specifically if we can return this product and if there is a restocking fee. Paul said yes, we can return and no, there is no restocking fee. today, 7/18 at 9:05pm, we went to return the item at the south shore plaza store in braintree, ma. The manager Ernest was on the phone, he asked what i needed, i showed him the earbuds and the receipt, he immediately said we cannot return it and that it said so on the back of the receipt. I read and re-read the back of the receipt, it does not say anything about earbuds not being returnable and we had specially asked the salesman before we bought it because we would not have spent the $25 on this product if we were told we can't return it. The earbuds were no use to my mom because it kept falling out of her ear. This is incorrect and misleading sales service. We are very disappointed in this big chain store.

  • Ca
      26th of Mar, 2008
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    Brookstone service and customer treatment has indeed gone down the toilet. I recently purchased 2 blankets and asked about exchange poilcy, sine i was waiting for delivery of new sofas and wanted to check the color. I was told excnages and returns would not be a problem. I was also "talked into" a useless masssager that does not work properly and causes soreness.
    Unfortunately, I did not notice the 30 day return poilcy - it used to be 60 days. I went to exchange the blankets at the Natick store and was refused because I did not have my receipt with me - some twit clerk named Joe. A while later, I went to Solomon Pond with the receipt but by now it was more than 30 days. Wouldn't you know it, twit Joe was there that day! After giving me a hard time about the 30 days, the color I wanted was out of stock. I went back to Natick and Joe's twit clerk brother Vinny gave me another hassle about the 30 days, but he finally agreed to exchange the blankets. He refuse a refund on the defective massager, but offered me a replacement - why would I want another item that causes pain? I got his District Managers phone # and will pursue further. I used to love shopping at Brookstone, but no more. Does anyone else notice how there are never many customers in their stores! And most of the ones that are there are just taking a shopping break in one of their lounge shairs.

  • Ra
      11th of Apr, 2008
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    first of all carol, please learn how to spell..secondly it's your responsibility to read the back of the receipt. please don't make excuses for your own faults.

  • Ch
      13th of Apr, 2008
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    We bought an Ionizer air purifier for about $370 from Brookstone at a local mall. After about seven months, it quit working. We called the national number and were told we needed the store receipt. When I called the store, I was initially told they would exchange with proof of purchase in the form of my credit card statement. When I arrived at the store, however, I was advised that the original store receipt was a must. This, notwithstanding that the unit was clearly a Brookstone unit, and notwithstanding clear proof on the credit card statement that I purchased the item at that store, within the warranty period. After another call to the corporate "customer service" I learned that not only would they not honor the warranty in my circumstance, but that they do not repair their items, only replace them. What better evidence that what they sell is garbage? In the age of computers, the high tech gadget vendors at Brookstone won't rely on computer evidence that you are within their warranty period. How ironic. Add to the experience that the air purifier that was touted as helping people with allergies actually puts off indoor ozone that can exacerbate allergies. I guess I should be happy my $370 piece of junk stopped working. Brookstone is for suckers. Their products are trash, and their customer service is non-existent. I learned my lesson.

  • Th
      15th of Nov, 2009
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    my wife purchased a mini remote control helicopter from the Brookstone in the Trumbull Mall about 14 months ago. When she purchased it, not only did they advise her that they could give her a gift receipt, but they also offered her a one year no questions asked money back guarantee for an additional four dollars. She bought it and gave me the helicopter two weeks later. I don't know how many of you have seen these things but they are small and it's a little difficult to get the hang of flying one. I flew mine into a wall and broke the tail rotor. I went back to Brookstone to exchange it. I was in the store for less than five minutes and walked out with a new helicopter, no questions asked!! My kids love to play with this toy as well but at ages 3 and 4 they have a bit of a hard time controlling it. As soon as it takes a hard crash we grab our coat and shoes and out the door we go. I've exchanged nine of them and I've never had a problem!! In fact, the last time I went to exchange it they gave me the next model up and didn't charge me the additional ten bucks it would cost. They also prorated the warranty for the one I had and gave me money back because the year had not expired and then offered me a new warranty on the new helicopter for four bucks. I didn't even think twice about buying it. The sales people are always very helpful and friendly, the store is always clean, and I've never had a hassle with anything there. I also have the wireless outdoor speaker that you can connect an ipod to or it will pick up the signal from the stereo in the house. It's unbelievable how good it sounds. I buy a lot of products at Brookstone as Christmas gifts and I have yet to receive any negative feedback. Reading some of the comments above really makes me laugh. You don't have enough sense to ask for a gift receipt? You don't read the back of the receipt and see how mant days you have to return a product? Looking at the complaints above it is clear to me that you people just didn't pay attention and then when you don't get what you want(because you are wrong and you should not be allowed to get what it is you are asking for) you pipe off and say that the customer service is terrible. Wake up, pay attention, and accept responsibility for your own stupidity. And the one person in here who posted that Brookstone is for suckers: you're just bent because you were hoping they were a bunch of suckers and they weren't. I have the same ionizer that you are complaining about in my home and run it constantly. I think we're going on year number three and it hasn't skipped a beat. I could not be happier with the products that I have purchased there or the sales associates that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. It really is sad that for the most part only the people who want to complain, whine, and cry post to these sites. Do yourselves a favor and find something a bit more positive to do with your time!!

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