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Brookstone / return policy!

1 Dallas, TX, United States Review updated:

I purchased a battery-powered lighted wreath from Brookstone. I ordered clear lights, but the wreath that arrived had colored lights. I called customer service and stated that I had received the wrong item and asked if they could go ahead and ship out the correct item before receiving the wrong item in return. They stated that even though THEY sent the wrong item, they could not send out the correct item until they had received the wrong item in return. This was my first order with Brookstone and when I spoke to the manager I stated that if this was how they treated their customers when Brookstone made the mistake, then this would be my last order with them. The manger stated that he was sorry I felt that way but that there was nothing he could do. A company that cares about its customers doesn't treat them this way when it is in the wrong. I'll never order from Brookstone again.

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  • Ba
      14th of Dec, 2007
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    The same thing happened to me, only worse! It was a Christmas gift!! I ordered three things over the phone from Brookstone. The Packing slip that came in the box listed all three correctly,---only instead of a Bar B Que Light I got SLIPPERS!!! I called and they said that I had to wait for them to send a special UPS tag. Then wait for UPS to pick up the box. Then, when they had received the box they would send me what I actually paid for and requested!!! But this was Christmas!!! All of that time would not work!!! I would then NOT have my gift in time. They were not helpful. So, I paid to return the box and slippers just so that I could get my correct order. I will NEVER EVER go to Brookstone or order anything from them again. It is very obvious to me that they feel that their mistake was MY fault, not theirs,---the customer, in their estimation,--- is always the one to rectify the situation. GADS!!! I wish someone had WARNED me about this company!!!

  • To
      16th of Jun, 2008
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    Brookstone will honor exchanges for defective items for 1 year. Its only fair that the customer supplies a receipt to show when it was purchased.

  • Re
      28th of Feb, 2009
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    Brookstone has to have a receipt for the product because you can buy brookstone products in outlets and on ebay, so how do they know if your not trying to scam them out of money?... so proof of purchase is required!! Everyone should read the return policy posted in the store before buying a product they are unsure about!! If the product breaks... Brookstone offers a protection plan so that once it breaks you return it to the company and they will fix it no questions asked... Please note that purchase of protection plan is still required to do the return, but you can register the protection plan with customer service and they will keep it on file for the life of the plan! So if everyone will just read before swiping the card then there will be no problems!!

  • Ou
      1st of Feb, 2010
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    I received a gift this past Christmas and it was not something I could use. I had to drive a half hour to get to their store, only to be told they would not exchange it because I didn't have a "gift card" that I was supposed to receive with the gift. My boss purchased about 50-60 of this item and they were drop shipped to our office. Who knows if the "gift cards"
    were even issued? Now I am stuck with an item I cannot use and I have no one to re-gift it to. This store has a rotten return policy. Their customer service department was no help either. I don't understand how a store with such a bad return policy can stay in business. Along with many others in this forum, I will never shop in this store again and will encourage others not to shop there.

  • Ch
      21st of Mar, 2008
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    Got this for Christmas. Broke in two months. We had the original box and packaging materials... But not the receipt. The item looked brand new, but the manager refused to exchange it, repair it or even make a call on our behalf to a supervisor. Brookstone is basically calling the customer a lair, if you think about this. It had their name on the product. It looked brand new. I had the original box. Yet, they need a receipt in order to accept responsibility to repair or replace a product that they made?

    This is a very, very disturbing company. Check all these complaints folks. They are all over the Internet.

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