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I was told by the insurees claim representative Mr. Harrelson that he was not going to pay for all the days I rented a car because the car should have been fixed in 3 days. The reason why the car sat at the shop in pieces was because Mr.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Alexandria, VA Harrelson refused to put new parts on my car, so when these parts he "approved" were ordered they did not fit my car. To quote the mechanic"the part was cheaply made".

From the very begining this insurance has given me the runaround about everything. Their "appraiser" did not write down that my car was pulling to the right when he looked at my car and so of course Bristol West is trying to get out of paying for that also.


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  • Rj
      Jan 23, 2009

    Under Virginia law, no insurance company must put on new parts on the vehicle. Is the vehicle brand new? No. So why do you get brand new parts for parts that are a few years old?

    The aftermarket thing is something that happens, but EVERY insurance company does this not just this one. Sometimes the parts work and sometimes they don't.

    As for not writing down everything - well it is really hard to get every part of every car when you can't do things like take the bumper off or have the car on a lift so that happens. The body shop knows this and if there are telling you anything different, they might be giving you the run around. - some shops do this o get around the fact that they are way too backed up with business to get everything done on time.

    Remember the Insurance Co. is not at the shop making sure the repairs are getting done everyday, but you could be.

    As for the mechanic's remarks - the bodyshop get a 20% mark up every new part. What is more 20% of $150 or 20% of $350, gee I guess which one the body shop is going to go for?

    As for the alignment - it is extremely difficult for a vehicle's alignment to be affected without getting hit near the wheel or having the frame bent. And you can't tell the alignment is need by looking at it. - Tell you what have the shop drive it and call the adjuster to tell them it is needed.

    As for the rental, well that is just messed up - the insurance company should be paying for that.

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  • Rd
      Sep 08, 2009

    EVERYBODY>>> ALWAYS get long term, written, signed warranties for all parts replaced. Usually after a few months, some of these "used" parts will go bad and because insurance companies such as, but not limited to, Bristol West & Coast National are basically crooks, they will deny everything and say that it's your fault that the used part failed... even a loose screw that you have NEVER seen or heard of will end up being your fault.

    Recommendations... Stay far away from small insurance companies, BUT with all, get a warranty!

    NOTE: Small insurance companies love their money even more so than the large ones, thus they do not pay out. Bristol West averages $300.00 for a broken neck!

    Stick with the leaders, Farmers, State Farm, Geico, Progressive, All State. Esurance used to be good, but the cost of there marketing campaigns has led to much higher rate hikes. SHOP SHOP SHOP.

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