Breyersbreyer's "frozen dairy dessert" — no longer real ice cream

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I grew up eating Breyers as a special treat. Their ice cream ingredients were so simple they used to advertise that even young children could read off the list. And the taste was spectacular. I realize companies change, but I just wasn't prepared for how much Breyers has changed. Last night my family wanted some ice cream and first selected Hagen Daaz. Next to HD was the same "flavor" of Breyers. Nostalgia got the best of me and I selected the Breyers (butter pecan). After dinner, we tried the ice cream. Even the kids couldn't finish a single scoop of the artificial tasting concoction. My wife and I read the label of the box to see if we'd somehow purchased a diet (and tasteless) version. Sure enough, in tiny letters in an obscure part of the packaging, we read "Frozen Dairy Dessert." What the expletive is "frozen dairy dessert"?

We did some online research and learned that, to cut corners, Breyers has changed their formula, adding in the artificial stuff they were once famous for NOT including. The result is a cloyingly sweet, foamy, chemical taste that no longer melts on the tongue but instead produces a rubbery pool inside the mouth. Disgusting.

In frustration, this morning we returned the opened box of Breyers ice cream to our local supermarket, got a refund, and purchased the Hagen Daaz we SHOULD HAVE bought last night. We will never again even consider buying Breyers. It's not ice cream anymore, at least according to US federal law. It's now artificial crap. Worse, like so many other duplicitous companies, Breyers now HIDES this fact by minimizing the absurd name, "Frozen Dairy Dessert, " at the very bottom of the package. US consumers really ought not to stand for this common [censored]ization of our food.


Dec 02, 2018
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  •   Dec 02, 2018

    You chose to buy a product without reading the label. You assumed it was the same as before in 1960 when you were young. I eat the Breyer’s with a few ingredients. Vanilla, milk, cream, sugar and a stabilizer is listed and I’m not reading the carton.

    Supermarkets have fake ice cream, real ice cream, frozen yogurt, coconut milk ice cream, no milk ice cream, sugarfree ice cream, low sugar ice cream, gelato, no fat ice cream, low fat ice cream, no dairy ice cream, and more.

    Read labels. The world is changing.

    Ketchup or catsup is regular, low salt, no salt, no sugar, low sugar, corn syrup, no corn syrup.

    Food is made available for all food allergens, diets, health issues and more

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